08 Apr 2020

Consumer healthcare platform leader increases access to telehealth consults

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, a growing number of Australians require care or a COVID-screening, but need an alternative to physically going to their GP or healthcare provider’s office. To support this, HealthEngine now offers telehealth appointments with its network of trusted practices and providers across Australia. This allows people to easily find and book a phone or video consultation, also known as telehealth, via HealthEngine and access the healthcare they need remotely from home. Connecting both practices and their patients, HealthEngine is now leading adoption of and access to telehealth across Australia:

  • Since mid-March 2020, HealthEngine has helped more than 2300 providers across Australia (with more onboarding every day) activate telehealth appointments for their patients.
  • Before the COVID-19 crisis, 82 percent of HealthEngine users surveyed had never heard of telehealth and only 9 percent had attended a telehealth appointment before.1
  • Fast forward to today and telehealth is gaining more recognition and use, supported by the federal government’s changes to allow Medicare rebates for a greater range of telehealth consultations.
  • Since launch more than 19,000 telehealth appointments have been booked on HealthEngine and this number is rapidly growing.

With all the change and uncertainty related to COVID-19, HealthEngine is introducing more Australians to telehealth and providing access to appointments they need with the following offering:

HealthEngine Telehealth

  • Easy/Convenient Booking: Find and book phone or video telehealth appointments anytime, day or night via the HealthEngine app or at HealthEngine.com.au.
  • 24/7 Care: Partnerships with some of Australia’s largest dedicated telehealth services ensure that patients using HealthEngine will have access to care 24/7 even if their regular provider is unavailable. This should take some pressure off emergency departments especially outside of normal business hours.
  • Telehealth Provider Directory: New telehealth search feature builds on HealthEngine’s leading health provider directory and allows people to find, book, pay and manage bulk billed or private paid telehealth appointments with either their regular provider or new providers across multiple specialties.
  • Secure Video Consultation: Seamless connection via your mobile phone, computer or tablet with HealthEngine’s Secure Video solution (hosted in Australia), no software downloads are needed.

“Telehealth helps ensure our HealthEngine users can access the care they need for themselves and their families when healthcare gaps may arise due to timing, location or situation. Making emerging technology accessible to improve healthcare and helping people connect with their GP or another provider remotely is especially critical at this time of COVID-19,” said Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine Founder, CEO and Medical Director.

What can be done via telehealth?
While much of the conversation around telehealth is tied to COVID-19 screenings right now, there are many other medical issues which can also be supported using telehealth. This includes, but isn’t limited to, triaging urgent issues, getting basic medical advice, requesting repeat prescriptions and obtaining medical certificates or specialist referrals. In some cases, the practitioner may recommend following up in-person or be referred to another provider, as needed.

HealthEngine’s network of providers include not only GPs, but psychologists, dentists, physios and medical specialists offering telehealth as a consultation option during a time when people need to or would prefer to be seen remotely. Learn more about HealthEngine Telehealth here.

1. HealthEngine Sept 2019 study with 2202 patient users responding to the question “Have you heard of telehealth?” and 1738 patient users responding to the question “Have you ever had a telehealth appointment?”