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HealthEngine Champions Telehealth for Australians, Their GPs & other Healthcare Providers
Consumer healthcare platform leader increases access to telehealth consults

Perth, Australia, 8 April 2020: As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, a growing number of Australians require care or a COVID-screening, but need an alternative to physically going to their GP or healthcare provider's office. To support this, HealthEngine now offers telehealth appointments with its network of trusted practices and providers across Australia. This allows people to easily find and book a phone or video consultation, also known as telehealth, via HealthEngine and access the healthcare they need remotely from home. Connecting both practices and their patients, HealthEngine is now leading adoption of and access to telehealth across Australia:

  • Since mid-March 2020, HealthEngine has helped more than 2300 providers across Australia (with more onboarding every day) activate telehealth appointments for their patients.
  • Before the COVID-19 crisis, 82 percent of HealthEngine users surveyed had never heard of telehealth and only 9 percent had attended a telehealth appointment before.1
  • Fast forward to today and telehealth is gaining more recognition and use, supported by the federal government's changes to allow Medicare rebates for a greater range of telehealth consultations.
  • Since launch more than 19,000 telehealth appointments have been booked on HealthEngine and this number is rapidly growing.

With all the change and uncertainty related to COVID-19, HealthEngine is introducing more Australians to telehealth and providing access to appointments they need with the following offering:

HealthEngine Telehealth

  • Easy/Convenient Booking: Find and book phone or video telehealth appointments anytime, day or night via the HealthEngine app or at
  • 24/7 Care: Partnerships with some of Australia's largest dedicated telehealth services ensure that patients using HealthEngine will have access to care 24/7 even if their regular provider is unavailable. This should take some pressure off emergency departments especially outside of normal business hours.
  • Telehealth Provider Directory: New telehealth search feature builds on HealthEngine's leading health provider directory and allows people to find, book, pay and manage bulk billed or private paid telehealth appointments with either their regular provider or new providers across multiple specialties.
  • Secure Video Consultation: Seamless connection via your mobile phone, computer or tablet with HealthEngine's Secure Video solution (hosted in Australia), no software downloads are needed.

"Telehealth helps ensure our HealthEngine users can access the care they need for themselves and their families when healthcare gaps may arise due to timing, location or situation. Making emerging technology accessible to improve healthcare and helping people connect with their GP or another provider remotely is especially critical at this time of COVID-19," said Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine Founder, CEO and Medical Director.

What can be done via telehealth?
While much of the conversation around telehealth is tied to COVID-19 screenings right now, there are many other medical issues which can also be supported using telehealth. This includes, but isn't limited to, triaging urgent issues, getting basic medical advice, requesting repeat prescriptions and obtaining medical certificates or specialist referrals. In some cases, the practitioner may recommend following up in-person or be referred to another provider, as needed.

HealthEngine's network of providers include not only GPs, but psychologists, dentists, physios and medical specialists offering telehealth as a consultation option during a time when people need to or would prefer to be seen remotely. Learn more about HealthEngine Telehealth here.

1. HealthEngine Sept 2019 study with 2202 patient users responding to the question "Have you heard of telehealth?" and 1738 patient users responding to the question "Have you ever had a telehealth appointment?"

HealthEngine Delivers Australia's First End-to-End and Fully integrated Consumer Telehealth Ecosystem

Perth, Australia, 30 March 2020: The worsening Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in Australia has prompted many healthcare practices across the GP, Dental, Allied Health and Medical Specialist sectors to adopt technology tools to reduce exposure of their staff and patients to the contagion. Practices need to find ways to help patients without having to be physically present. This includes providing telehealth consultations from the practice to triage patients or allowing a healthcare provider to continue to see patients whilst self isolating or quarantined from home. The latest Federal Government announcement to lift the previous restrictions and complexity associated with the Telehealth Medicare items will further help adoption which is critical for patient care and the financial viability of many practices.

"For providers who are skeptical, unsure or new to telehealth, there's a required change in mindset and workflows associated with phone and video consultation and that's just the first hurdle. Another challenge for practitioners is that many solutions being rushed to market are clunky and lack the integration or automation for tasks that practitioners aren't used to performing. We knew there was a better way and our HealthEngine team has acted quickly to bring an end-to-end, fully integrated consumer telehealth ecosystem to serve providers and patients across Australia," said Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine Founder, CEO and Medical Director.

The HealthEngine Telehealth Ecosystem:

An Easy and Seamless Telehealth Solution for Patients, Practices and Partners that offers:


  • Access to secure, easy to use and affordable telehealth options for providers to get up and running and take appointments and credit card payment immediately; ensures their patients get the continuity of care they deserve
  • Zero training needed for providers and easy setup with existing booking flow and full PMS integration
  • Identifies practices offering Bulk-billed and/or Paid telehealth
  • Allows patients to Find, Book, See and Pay for telehealth appointments with either their regular provider or a new provider via a new telehealth directory search feature
  • Access to Australia's largest network of patients

Products & Features

  • MBS Telehealth and/or Paid Telehealth via phone, consumer-grade video conferencing or a new and secure HealthEngine integrated video solution available for practices and providers across GP, Dental, Allied Health and Medical Specialist sectors
  • For Paid Telehealth:
    • Practices set price and patients pre-pay at time of booking
    • Payment facilitated using secure payment partner, Stripe
    • Protects practices from Do Not Attends (DNAs) and guarantees payment

Partnerships & Integrations

  • HealthEngine has integrations with 24 PMS vendors across GP, Dental, Allied Health and Specialist allowing for a more seamless provider and patient experience
  • Integrated partnerships with telehealth ecosystem partners offering more medical-grade technology solutions have initially commenced with Phenix Health, Doctors On Demand, and GP2U. We have a range of other complementary partners waiting in the wings to join the HealthEngine telehealth ecosystem and are receiving approaches from other interested parties almost daily wishing to access over 6000 practices and 3.5 million users a month on the HealthEngine network.

"Many practices are telling us of patient numbers decreasing across the board as people stay home. This is putting practices under considerable financial stress. The most unique part of our offering is our multi-specialty directory making it easier to now find telehealth-enabled providers. Out of the over 10,000 general practitioners on the HealthEngine network, 1,500 have already enabled telehealth and hundreds more are activating daily. The directory will help patients find these telehealth enabled GPs and will shortly be listing dentists, physios, psychologists, and specialists offering telehealth as a consultation option during a time where patients need to or would prefer to be seen remotely," said Dr Tan. "We have also provided health practices options for integrations with other top telehealth infrastructure vendors as part of our broader ecosystem of partners to facilitate provider choice. We are excited to be bringing this service to market for patients and practices in desperate need for remote consultation options."

HealthEngine Launches COVID-19 Telehealth Phone/Video Consultations

Perth, Australia, 13 March 2020: Building on its COVID-19 response effort, HealthEngine, Australia's largest consumer healthcare platform, is rolling out its telehealth phone/video consultation offering to GP practices throughout Australia. This first to market solution allows practices an easy entry point to offer appointments on the HealthEngine Network for both Patient Eligible Telehealth MBS and Private Billed Telehealth appointments.

Practices decide what type of consultations they will offer and the price (for private billed). They can choose phone consultation and/or video consultation via FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp.

For the Patients Eligible for Telehealth MBS appointment type, practices can start taking these appointments immediately. Given the federal government today released details of the Medicare items, HealthEngine will follow up with a full rebate solution shortly. The MBS rebate telehealth solution is offered at no cost to practices.

Practices also have the option to offer Private Billed Telehealth Appointment to support patients and GPs who prefer the option of a telehealth solution, even if the patient is not eligible for MBS. To offer this option, there will be an introductory low-cost fee of $5 per month per participating practice and a 5% usage fee per private billed telehealth appointment. This allows the practice to offer privately billed appointments with patient pre-paying at the time of booking. Pre-payment is completed through the secure payment platform, Stripe, and protects the practice from Do Not Attends (DNAs) and guarantees payment.

"As we prepare for the continued uncertainty of COVID-19, we're offering practices the telehealth solutions and resources they need to support and protect patients, clinic staff and GPs," said Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine Founder, CEO and Medical Officer. "HealthEngine now has a low or no cost solution for practices who want to offer their patients phone or video consults with a seamless way to take bookings and payment to immediately start seeing patients and determining the best options for care."

Practices interested in signing up can get more information here.


HealthEngine Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Perth, Australia, 11 March 2020: Post by Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine Founder, CEO and Medical Director

As Australia's largest consumer healthcare platform, we're in a unique position to support and help consumers/patients and GP providers stay informed. Through the years, more than 7 million Australians have made more than 30 million bookings on the platform. We have over 6500 practices across Australia actively engaged on the HealthEngine Network, including GPs, dentists, specialists and allied providers. Currently, we have more than 3.6 million people visit the site per month to read articles, browse health content and check our health network. In addition, over 1.1 million healthcare appointments are booked per month.

Our customer service teams are hearing growing concerns from both our GP customers and patients about Coronavirus preparedness and the unknowns ahead. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) issue unfolds and evolves globally and across Australia, HealthEngine is launching a COVID-19 Information Portal and tools to help people stay informed and assist GP providers as they deal with an influx of cases over the next few months.

Our COVID-19 response is in motion and by the end of the week, HealthEngine will launch:

COVID-19 Information Portal: COVID-19 Information Portal: A dedicated space on the HealthEngine website and app to provide timely, accurate and relevant information to both GP providers and the general public. The portal brings together COVID-19 content and guidance from Government sources, articles and resource documents, so the latest information is easily accessible in one go-to location.

COVID-19 Triage: Available via HealthEngine site and app, this guided, online survey allows people/patients experiencing symptoms or who have been at risk of exposure, to complete a self-assessment and receive guidance on next steps for care.

Booking Form Public Service Announcement: To support an initial screening prior to booking appointments, there is a dedicated information box with guidance related to COVID-19. This information will evolve with the latest government updates.

Telehealth Solution for Practices: HealthEngine will provide a telehealth infrastructure at no or low cost for all GP providers to serve their patients. This will enable practice based phone and video consultations using Facetime, Skype and Whatsapp or other participating Australian telehealth vendors. This is designed to be used with or without the MBS rebate, with the intention it will be compatible with future changes to telehealth funding.

We will provide updates in the coming days as we roll out our patient and provider-centric solutions to support the COVID-19 response. In addition, given the reach of our network with both GP customers and patients, and our position to directly engage these audiences, we'd welcome the opportunity to support the public health community by activating and opening up our communications channels to support efforts during this critical time. To get in touch, please email us at

HealthEngine and Henry Schein One Australia Partnership Delivers Online Booking and Patient Network Integration

Perth, Australia, 10 March 2020: HealthEngine, Australia's leading consumer healthcare platform and Henry Schein One Australia, leading dental practice management software provider, now offer dental practices an integrated offering to drive growth and improve the dental experience for patients.

Through the partnership, Henry Schein One Australia's Online Booking Module now seamlessly integrates with HealthEngine's patient network of more than 7 million Australians to give dental practices more visibility to new patients and a more streamlined booking experience for both practices and patients.

In addition, the integration supports continuity of care and provides easy booking access for existing practice patients using HealthEngine's My Care Team feature. With the simple touch of a button, patients can instantly add practices to their My Care Team directly from the HealthEngine App – meaning practices will appear on their home screen every time they open it.

Henry Schein One customers using EXACT or OASIS dental practice management software can access the benefits of the partnership including reaching more patients in search of a local dentist which will aid new patient acquisition and drive revenue growth. These customers join more than 6,500 healthcare practices actively engaged with the HealthEngine Network where more than 1 million appointment bookings happen each month.

"By enabling patients more places to book an appointment online, we are making dental care more accessible. At the same time, together with HealthEngine, we are also optimising the patient experience and helping practices to grow at a faster rate," said Justin Abdul-Khalek, Business Services Manager at Henry Schein One Australia.

Building on its growth and strength in the GP market, HealthEngine now supports more than 1,000 dental practices throughout Australia. Growth over the past 12 months includes:

  • 63% rise in the total number of dental bookings
  • 40% increase in the number of new patient bookings per dental practice
  • 6 new patients per month for the average dental practice on the HealthEngine Network

HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director Dr. Marcus Tan said, "Practices will benefit from the partnership as we introduce integrated tools to optimise patient bookings, help attract new patients and support existing ones. Opening up the HealthEngine Network to more practices is great for the patient experience and practice growth."

To learn more about the partnership and range of services provided for dental practices, visit the HealthEngine and Henry Schein One Australia news and offers page.

About HealthEngine
HealthEngine is Australia's largest consumer healthcare platform and the #1 go-to for healthcare bookings. Founded in 2006, HealthEngine is on a mission to transform Australia's healthcare by making it easier for people to connect with their healthcare providers online and for health practitioners to deliver a great patient experience through technology. More than 7 million Australians have made more than 30 million bookings on the platform. To find, book and manage medical and dental appointments, visit For healthcare providers, please visit to learn more and join Australia's largest network of patients.

About Henry Schein One Australia
Henry Schein One Australia are one of the global leaders in providing dental practice management software and business coaching solutions. Our mission is to deliver innovative technology that improves every aspect of dental practice management. We endeavour to turn good practices into great businesses, enabling our customers to run efficient, profitable practices while delivering the highest quality patient care. Our solutions empower dentists with powerful software and dedicated business coaching. To find our more about Henry Schein One Australia visit

New HealthEngine and Centaur Partnership Brings Integrated Solutions for Dental Practices to Drive Growth and Patient Experience

Perth, Australia, 25 February 2020: HealthEngine, Australia's leading consumer healthcare platform, today announced a new partnership with Centaur, one of Australia's leading dental practice management software providers. Centaur chose HealthEngine as an official partner to provide online marketing solutions following their growth and success in the GP market.

The partnership means more dentists will have seamless access to Australia's largest network of patients through HealthEngine, as well as a wide range of solutions that enable them to focus on providing the best possible dental experience for their patients.

Currently, HealthEngine services more than 1,000 dental practices throughout Australia with this number set to rise significantly in the coming months.

HealthEngine has invested heavily in building a powerful patient network for dentists and in just the last 12 months has seen a:

  • 63% rise in the total number of dental bookings
  • 40% increase in the number of new patient bookings per dental practice

Centaur's Dental4Windows customers can benefit from HealthEngine's online marketing solutions that work seamlessly with their existing practice management software, allowing practices to leverage Australia's largest network of patients and boost their visibility to ready-to-book patients searching in their time of need.

Centaur's Partner Network Manager Kevin Joseph welcomed the new partnership and said, "One of the biggest challenges our customers are facing is revenue growth which often requires investment in marketing activities to generate new patients. Through our partnership with HeathEngine, our customers can now invest in integrated marketing and practice tools from two industry leaders, allowing them more time to focus on their patients' experience and dental health."

HealthEngine's move into the dental market has come about following growth and success in the GP market. HealthEngine now has more than 6,000 practices using its online marketing solutions across the country and helps health practitioners from all specialities to be part of a better healthcare experience. Currently more than 7 million Australians use the HealthEngine platform which receives more than 1 million bookings per month.

HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director, Dr Marcus Tan, said he was excited about the new partnership and opportunity to provide greater support to dental practices "We're proud to contribute added marketing value to Centaur's services to ensure practices are running as efficiently and profitably as possible, and at the same time, ensuring patients have a better healthcare experience," said Dr. Tan.

"Nielsen numbers show that HealthEngine is Australia's largest consumer healthcare site," said Dr. Tan, "and through this partnership to support the dental community, we further our work to bring primary healthcare providers together in one place and offer online marketing solutions that benefit both patients and healthcare practices."

Members of the dental sector wanting to learn more about the partnership and range of services provided are able to access more information by visiting

About HealthEngine
HealthEngine is Australia's largest consumer healthcare platform and the #1 go-to for healthcare bookings. Founded in 2006, HealthEngine is on a mission to transform Australia's healthcare by making it easier for people to connect with their healthcare providers online and for health practitioners to deliver a great patient experience through technology. More than 7 million Australians have made more than 30 million bookings on the platform. To find, book and manage medical and dental appointments, visit For healthcare providers, please visit to learn more and join Australia's largest network of patients.

About Centaur
For over twenty five years, Centaur has been a leading provider of practice management solutions throughout Australia with its champion software Dental4Windows used by over 4,000 dental practices throughout Australia, New Zealand, and around the world.

HealthEngine contributes to GP Urgent Care Network Pilot

Perth, Australia, 19 September 2019: HealthEngine, Australia's leading consumer healthcare platform, today announced its involvement in the GP Urgent Care Network Pilot, developed by WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) in partnership with the Department of Health.

More than 125 general practices are taking part in the Pilot spread across metropolitan Perth and Bunbury, with the aim of reducing demand on emergency departments by diverting urgent but non-life threatening cases to GPs.

The GP Urgent Care Network will operate seven days a week and is supported by a public awareness campaign and dynamic website. HealthEngine worked with WAPHA, Department of Health, HealthDirect and other online booking suppliers to connect patients with GPs when they need it most.

HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director, Dr Marcus Tan said "HealthEngine is excited to support this directory initiative that encourages patients to get the right care in the right place at the right time.

"HealthEngine has seen a glaring demand for urgent health services in our booking data - one in five HealthEngine users see their GP within 4 hours of booking their appointment and over half who booked GP appointments saw their GP within 24 hours."

"We're pleased to be part of a solution that provides a sustainable and efficient way to deliver urgent care. We believe that by making the digital health experience easy and accessible as possible, technology can improve outcomes for patients and the broader health system."

Media Contact

Libby Alcock

+61 432 915 702

Important developments regarding historical HealthEngine services

Perth, Australia, 8 August 2019:The following statement can be attributed to HealthEngine CEO and Founder, Dr Marcus Tan.

HealthEngine has been advised by the ACCC that the regulator has commenced legal proceedings against the company.

HealthEngine either discontinued or significantly overhauled the services in question over a year ago. These changes were made before HealthEngine was formally advised of any ACCC investigation.

HealthEngine recognises that our rapid growth over the years has sometimes outpaced our systems and processes and we sincerely apologise if that has meant we have not always met the high expectations of the community and our customers.

HealthEngine is confident that no adverse health outcomes were created. HealthEngine does not sell user databases to third parties. Any suggestion we sold off our entire user database is incorrect. HealthEngine is confident that personal information was not shared with referral partners unless the individual had expressly requested to be contacted.

We are working hard to rebuild the trust we've lost with patients and practices. Our mission to enable better healthcare experiences and outcomes remains at the heart of everything we do.

Media contacts:

Shane Murphy, FTI Consulting +61420945291

Cameron Morse, FTI Consulting +61433886871

HealthEngine signals Dental growth as it teams up with Software of Excellence

Perth, Australia, 24 June 2019: HealthEngine, Australia's leading consumer healthcare network, today announced an official relationship with dental practice management system Software of Excellence.

The official integration with the HealthEngine network for new patient acquisition comes as an increasing number of dental practices across Australia are turning to HealthEngine for solutions to find new patients. HealthEngine has significantly grown its presence in the dental space, with dental bookings increasing by 80% in the last 12 months.

HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director, Dr Marcus Tan said of the relationship "We're thrilled to welcome this official partnership with Software of Excellence, one of the leading PMS vendors in Australia.

"Ease and simplicity are important pillars of HealthEngine's vision, so to be able to offer our Software of Excellence clients a seamless workflow as a result of this partnership is exciting.

"We look forward to working with Software of Excellence as we support dentists across Australia."

HealthEngine celebrates new milestone for Australian health, recording one million bookings in a single month

Perth, Australia, 5 June 2019: HealthEngine has solidified its position as Australia's leading consumer healthcare platform, reaching one million monthly bookings in May 2019.

In a clear sign that Australians are embracing the ease and convenience of digital health, the company has now recorded the same number of bookings in a single month that first took a full three years to achieve (in 2015, HealthEngine celebrated one million bookings made on the platform since launching online bookings in 2012).

The healthcare platform has seen growth in demand and adoption across patients and providers, as tech-savvy Aussies turn to digital health to access on-demand healthcare.

Key HealthEngine facts include:

  • In the last 12 months, more than 3.6 million Australians have used HealthEngine to book an appointment with their provider
  • A HealthEngine powered appointment is booked every 3 seconds
  • More than 100,000 practices and practitioners are currently listed on the platform
  • 77% of bookings are made via mobile
  • Nearly 90% of appointments made are with a patient's existing care providers
  • Over half of HealthEngine users booking GP appointments (55%) saw their GP within 24 hours of booking
  • 1 in 5 HealthEngine users see a GP within 4 hours of booking an appointment
  • Nearly 60% of appointments booked on HealthEngine are made outside of regular working hours, when the provider's reception is likely closed

Commenting on the milestone, Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine's CEO and Medical Director, said:

"HealthEngine is creating a platform that enhances connections between patients, providers, and the healthcare industry at large.

"Technology has transformed the way that Aussies are connecting across nearly every industry, from travel and retail to hospitality and finance. It's vital that the healthcare industry does not get left behind in this consumer-friendly wave of digital transformation.

"Our booking momentum points to a significant shift in the way consumers are accessing healthcare, with massive numbers of Australians embracing the benefits of digital health resulting in improved access to care, and improved efficiency for the system."

This milestone in patient demand points to strong, continued growth for HealthEngine. The team has recently made further advances already this year including the establishment of its Advisory Group, a collaboration of health providers and peak bodies, such as the Australian Patients Association, to provide independent industry guidance to HealthEngine, and by signing a partnership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the national peak body representing physiotherapists and their patients. In the year ahead, the company remains focused on unlocking the full potential of digital health in Australia, evolving its product pipeline and expanding through a series of strategic partnerships.

HealthEngine partners with national peak body, Australian Physiotherapy Association

Perth, Australia, 5 June 2019: HealthEngine, Australia's leading consumer healthcare network, are happy to announce a new partnership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the national peak body representing physiotherapists and their patients.

The partnership helps APA members leverage the benefits of digital health, allowing them to offer superior patient experiences. The partnership provides members with exclusive benefits including discounts to online booking systems and access to Australia's largest healthcare network.

Dr Marcus Tan, CEO & Medical Director of HealthEngine says "This partnership supports HealthEngine's vision for creating a one-stop-shop for helping patients find, book and manage their full healthcare team.

"Physiotherapy is an important part of many of our patients' care, and we're pleased to be partnering with the peak industry body to improve patients' access to practitioners."

APA CEO Cris Massis says "It is my pleasure to announce the new partnership between the Australian Physiotherapy Association and HealthEngine.

"Empowered and connected physiotherapists can deliver life-changing results for their clients, and the added visibility gained through access to the HealthEngine platform will allow our members not only to deliver a better patient experience, but also expand their reach within the healthcare sector through connection to new patients, improve and strengthen relationships with the community they work with, and maximise the efficiency of their practices.

"Together, the APA and HealthEngine will transform access to quality healthcare for all Australians."

Health tech use at all time high as Aussies embrace digital health to access out of hours services

The Sydney Morning Herald this week reports that tech-savvy Aussies are embracing digital health at record levels to get access to urgent services, with one in five (19%) HealthEngine users now seeing their GP within 4 hours of booking their appointment. Over half who booked GP appointments (55%[1]) saw their GP within 24 hours.

What’s more, HealthEngine users are making use of its platform to access services outside of usual working hours, with nearly 60% [2] of appointments booked on HealthEngine being made outside of hours.

Technology has transformed the way we experience nearly every industry, from travel and retail to hospitality and finance.As businesses rapidly evolve to embrace technology to deliver enhanced consumer experiences, we believe at HealthEngine that it’s vital that the healthcare industry embraces digital transformation too.

With more than 9 million appointments booked on HealthEngine in 2018 alone – the role that technology plays in transforming the patient experience is glaringly obvious. By making the digital health experience easy and accessible, technology can (and clearly is) improving outcomes for both the patient and Australia’s broader health system.

These statistics are particularly important when you consider the latest Productivity Commission report on Government Services, which found that almost 3 million patients who should have seen a GP still wound up in emergency departments for "avoidable" hospital presentations. Among their reasons for attending ED was being unsure how or where to access their nearest GP.

At HealthEngine, we are passionate about building digital technology that helps relieve this strain on emergency departments and facilitates quick and easy access to GPs and other professional services in the moment the patient needs it, redirecting non-emergencies away from overstretched emergency departments.

When we look at the bigger picture and the potential that digital solutions hold in transforming the lives of patients and the healthcare industry as a whole, the evidence is even more supportive of a need to focus on a digital health future to support a more efficient, productive system.

That’s why HealthEngine is committed today, more than ever, to working closely with industry leaders and Government to help Australians realise the benefits of a digital health system and embrace digital health in a safe, secure way to support a more efficient and productive care system.

[1] 55% of booking lead times are within 24 hours. Booking data across GP vertical, 6 months until 22/2/19

[2] 58% of bookings were booked outside 9am-5pm window. Booking data across all verticals, 6 months until 22/2/19

HealthEngine creates Advisory Group to collaborate on industry best practice

As Australia’s leading Consumer Healthcare Platform, HealthEngine believes the key to helping patients through their healthcare journey’s lies in transforming the patient experience. In keeping with our commitment to the ongoing improvement of our core products and services, we are excited to announce the establishment of the HealthEngine Advisory Group

The Advisory Group will provide independent industry guidance and counsel on business strategy, product direction and services, strategic issues and risks confronting not only our business, but the entire healthcare industry.

To ensure that all future products, services and features are informed by consulting more widely — the Advisory Group will be the expert sounding board that ensures industry voices across various specialties and areas of expertise are represented. We want to ensure that everything HealthEngine does going forward is informed by the industry and our patients.

This is just one of many initiatives that HealthEngine has implemented to ensure that it’s meeting the ever-changing industry landscape and improving its overall product offering to better serve healthcare professionals and their patients.

What specific outcomes does the Advisory Group hope to achieve?

The Advisory Group will meet three times per year and provide independent industry guidance and counsel on business strategy, products and services, strategic issues and risks confronting not only our business, but the entire healthcare industry.

As Australians are rapidly realising the benefits of a digital health system we must continue to support patients in understanding how to embrace digital health in a safe, secure way to support a more efficient and productive care system.

Patients and healthcare practices remain at the heart of what HealthEngine does, and their trust in the business is of our highest priority. HealthEngine hopes to build on its relationships with industry representatives to continue to improve the healthcare experience of millions of Australians.

Who is in HealthEngine’s Advisory Group?

HealthEngine’s Advisory Group consists of medical professionals across a range of specialities. Group members include:


A specialist anaesthetist in private practice and legally qualified.  Andrew is a Federal Councillor AMA, Immediate Past President AMA (WA) and a director and honorary treasurer of The Australian Society of Anaesthetists. Andrew is also a board member of MDA National, one of Australia’s largest Medical Indemnity organisations. These organisations operate in the areas of medical indemnity, policy and advocacy for the medical profession.  Andrew is also a director of several commercial enterprises in the health and technology sectors and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. His legal education has also led to involvement in governance and strategy for national 'not for profits' organisations.

Jas Streten,  Australian Patients Association Representative

Jas is currently General Manager of APA (Australian Patients Association) and previously held senior management positions in the private sector across a number of business functions including Sales, Operations and Logistics. He is a board member of two community organisations, Deputy Chair of the Community Advisory Committee, The Innovation Committee and Specialist Clinics committees at a Melbourne Public Hospital, membership of Consumer Health Forum and Health Issues Centre. He has volunteered with Margaret Oates Soup Van, Oznam House, Ruckers Hill Aged Care, Housing for the Aged Action Group and Migrant Tutoring through Melbourne Polytechnic. He has Chaired and presented at conferences that cover safety in hospitals, caring for older people, improving consumer engagement in Healthcare.


John is an advocate for patient safety, quality improvement and equity of access in healthcare and an active general practitioner at Upper Mt Gravatt, Brisbane since 1977. His current roles include Australian Digital Health Agency - Senior Clinical Reference Lead and Honorary Member NPS MedicineWise. In 2003, John was honoured as a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia by the Australian Government for services to medicine, particularly medical administration, and the Australian Divisions of General Practice. Fellow of the RACGP and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He simultaneously holds board positions as Chairman Garden City Medical Services Pty Ltd, Chairman Inala Primary Care Ltd, Non-executive Director Attune Hearing Pty Ltd, Non-executive Director Tonic Health Media Pty Ltd. John has also held previous positions such as Heart Foundation, member Cardiovascular Health Advisory Committee (2007 - 2018), Chairman Best Doctors Australasian Medical Advisory Board (2009 – 2018).

Barry Nguyen

Barry is an experienced tech entrepreneur, advisor and physiotherapist by profession with an interest in preventative health, physician-led team-based care, and sports medicine. He is a long-term thinker and primarily involved in industry-scale digital transformation projects and commercialising data-driven emerging technologies with global potential.

He currently serves as an advisor to multiple organisations globally ranging from high growth startups, non-for-profits to large corporations.

Barry is a co-founder and CEO of HealthAide (Phyto, Inc), specialist e-commerce startup for health tech solutions with physical pop up shops, supported by expert reviews and health coaching services. Phyto, Inc is a graduate of the 2017 MAP Velocity Program (University of Melbourne) and Melbourne Health Accelerator (Royal Melbourne Hospital).

He is the Innovation Advisor for the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the peak body of physiotherapy representing the interests of over 26, 000 members in Australia. He is a Mentor at Health 2.0 and the Founder Institute, the world’s premier startup launch program based in Silicon Valley for talented entrepreneurs and promising startups across the world.

Dr Amanda Phoon-Nguyen (RACDS)

Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen is a final year registrar in Oral Medicine at the UWA Dental School, University of Western Australia. Before undertaking specialist training, Amanda graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Dental Science, served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Dental officer and worked as a dentist in both public and private practice in Western Australia.

Amanda is Editor of the College News of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (General Stream), and serves as a mentor in the MRACDS program. In 2017, Amanda completed her Certificate of Advanced Dental Leadership. Amanda holds positions on the ADA WA Dental Continuing Professional Development committee, the Western Australia regional committee for the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, the UWA Dental School research committee, and is Treasurer and committee member of the WA local organizing committee of the International Association for Dental Research. In her spare time, she volunteers for the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.