21 Oct 2021
  • Sigma Healthcare to rollout Healthengine’s Patient Appointment Management System (PAMS) across 500+ pharmacy network

  • 370 Amcal and Guardian pharmacies to launch PAMS first and will gain visibility to HealthEngine’s 4.3 million users

  • Provides increased support for managing COVID-19 vaccination bookings as pharmacies offer AstraZeneca and Moderna

Melbourne & Perth Australia – 21 Oct, 2021 – Healthengine and Amcal and Guardian announce a new partnership to rollout Healthengine’s Patient Appointment Management System (PAMS). As the COVID-19 vaccination effort builds with community pharmacy support, the new scheduling and appointment management system will strengthen the customer healthcare experience and give pharmacists access to the latest digital health technology to support online bookings, scheduling and voucher management.

Amcal and Guardian pharmacies are set to launch PAMS and offer COVID-19 bookings for AstraZeneca and Moderna through the system as well as bookings for a range of other health services.  As part of their onboarding, they will also join Healthengine’s directory of healthcare providers and be able to offer appointments through its marketplace, giving pharmacies exposure to Healthengine’s 4.3 million users.

“We are pleased to support the pharmacy sector adapt to the fast moving and evolving COVID-19 vaccination rollout with a robust technology solution that works for a single store but also an enterprise grade solution for a leading group like Sigma Healthcare,” said Dr Marcus Tan, Healthengine CEO, Co-Founder and Medical Director.

“Building on our background of supporting healthcare providers including GPs, Dentists, Allied Health Practitioners and Specialists, bringing Sigma’s extensive network of community pharmacies to PAMS and Healthengine’s marketplace will further support the consumer’s healthcare journey and help provide more access points to assist with Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination effort,”  said Dr Tan.

Head of Amcal and Guardian, Kurt O’Brien, said: “Via this new and exciting partnership, we are delighted to offer our retail partners best-in-class scheduling and appointment management systems to help our busy teams make the most of their days – and deliver strengthened customer value.

“Despite the turbulence and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Amcal and Guardian, alongside our parent network and brand peers, have remained steadfast in our efforts to provide expert advice and superior healthcare support to all Australians.

“This partnership materialises this ambition, again – by continually improving and refining our healthcare offering while building upon the success of our already existing in-store services available at Amcal and Guardian pharmacies, nationwide,” added Mr O’Brien.


For more information, please contact:

Tamra Strentz
0418 643 515

Haystac for Sigma Healthcare
Tom Lock
0424 257 925

About Healthengine

Healthengine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare platform developed to help people navigate the complex world of healthcare. Healthengine is on a mission to transform humanity’s health, one care experience at a time.  Healthengine’s platform brings together a leading range of healthcare practices, healthcare specialities and health ecosystem partners in a suite of integrated offerings to help consumers get a better experience across each step of their healthcare journey.

Founded in 2006, Healthengine now has 4.3 million users connecting with over 7,400 Australian healthcare providers across the spectrum of GPs, dentists, allied health practitioners, medical specialists and pharmacies nationwide.  Over Healthengine’s history, more than 10.4 million Australians have made more than 54 million bookings on the platform. To find the right care, connect with healthcare providers and manage healthcare, all in one place, visit healthengine.com.au or download the Healthengine App for Android or iOS.  For healthcare providers, please visit practices.healthengine.com.au to learn more and join Australia’s largest network of patients.

About Sigma Healthcare

Sigma Healthcare is a leading Australian full line wholesale and distribution business to community and hospital pharmacy. We have one of the largest pharmacy networks in Australia, with over 1,200 branded and independent stores, including Amcal, Guardian, PharmaSave, Discount Drug Stores and Wholelife.  Sigma is committed to supporting pharmacists to be innovative, professional service providers in the community; to help shape the future of pharmacy care.

Through MPS Connect, Sigma has one of the leading dose medication management services supporting pharmacies and patients nationally, as well as an expanding presence in the medical consumables and equipment supply through Medical Industries Australia. Sigma also has an expanding presence in the hospital pharmacy services industry and Contract Logistics, providing daily services from our national distribution network.

Our core values are driven by our commitment to working collaboratively to build long term relationships that reward partners, benefit patients and support communities.