23 Feb 2021

Dr. Marcus Tan, HealthEngine founder, CEO and medical director shares what’s new for GP practices

New tools, new name, same low price

Within the GP practice, prioritising the care and health of patients is at the forefront, but we need to balance that with the behind the scenes business operations to ensure the health and efficiency of  the practice.  Improving practice efficiency and patient experience is a challenge I face as a practising GP and one of the reasons that drove me to develop and grow the HealthEngine offering through the years and always look to improve the tools and experience for our practice customers. 

With feedback from GPs across Australia, we’re pleased to introduce our Practice Efficiency Suite with new and improved tools bundled together to help save you time and improve the patient experience. 

Patient 360 Premium has had a facelift and all existing Premium customers can seamlessly move onto the new Practice Efficiency Suite. Essentials customers can retain access to a limited set of free tools, but we hope this is a great opportunity to upgrade and experience the benefits of the bundle. We know many practices are hurting right now and looking for ways to save on costs.  Our Practice Efficiency Suite has been competitively priced to give practices a highly affordable option without compromising on the most important features.  Starting at just $29 a month, it not only has the tools and features you need, but also integrates with Best Practice, MedicalDirector PracSoft, and Zedmed.

New and improved tools include:

  • Check-Ins: prompt your patients to check in online and see their place in the queue.
  • Feedback & Reviews:  manage your reputation and rank higher on Google with patient Google Reviews and the HealthEngine “Marketplace” ratings as well as prompt patients to give feedback.
  • New Patient Forms:  integrates with select PMS and – coming soon – the flexibility to add custom fields.
  • Covid Vaccine Enablement Features: helps practices support and manage vaccine rollout efforts.

This trio of new and improved tools builds on our popular feature set used by thousands of practices  which includes an online booking system, recalls and reminders, communicate, scripts and premium phone support. They all combine to create a tool suite that’s even bigger on efficiency and delivers what practice managers, GP and owners were asking for. 

As the new Practice Efficiency Suite rolls out, expect time savings and improvements to the patient experience. Combine it with our Patient Connect offering to increase practice visibility online,  connect with new and existing patients and support practice growth and patient retention. We look forward to hearing feedback on the new offering and experience.