03 Oct 2017

HealthEngine, Australia’s largest online healthcare marketplace, today announced a new working relationship with dental management specialist Prime Practice.

HealthEngine will assist Prime Practice members across Australia with their patient management including online bookings and new patient acquisition.

The relationship between Prime Practice and HealthEngine is built on a shared vision to help dental practices be more commercially successful, while improving the journey of care for patients. The working relationship comes as an increasing number of dental practices across Australia look for more consumer-enabled ways to manage their services.

HealthEngine’s CEO and Medical Director, Dr Marcus Tan says this is in part due to the recent proliferation of personal technology, but more so an increasing desire for more efficient and transparent patient / practitioner relationships.”

“Dental practices in Australia are under mounting pressure to ensure they are successfully attracting new patients and continuing to improve practice efficiencies, all while keeping existing patients happy and providing the best level of care possible,” Dr Tan said. “As the market becomes more competitive and fragmented, these marketing and operational tasks are becoming increasingly time consuming for practice owners and practice managers to handle.

“HealthEngine’s mission is to transform the way that patients access and manage their health in Australia. With Prime Practice being the experts in dental practice management and consultancy in Australia, we see this relationship as a critical step in ensuring that patients have high quality of care, and practices can operate more successfully. We look forward to working closely with Prime Practice to further help dentists across the country.”

Prime Practice’s founder and Chairman Dr Phillip Palmer said, “We’re thrilled to be able to work with like-minded organisations such as HealthEngine, and expand the solutions available to our community of dental practices. Our clients are always keen to attract and retain more patients, as well as offer a better level of service. HealthEngine’s approach to care also aligns closely with our values and this is incredibly important to us.”

As a result of this new working relationship, dental practices will now be able to create sustainable and professionally operated businesses that can continue to compete in today’s digital, service-driven economy.