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HealthEngine Recalls

HealthEngine Recalls is a cheaper, easier way to centralise and manage all of your recalls and reminders. Better still, it helps in the delivery of positive clinical outcomes, for you and your patients.

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Save time, save money

Save more than 80c on every recall you send by post when you switch to HealthEngine Recalls. This robust system is customisable to suit all your recall needs, meaning you'll save valuable time too.

Seamless integration

HealthEngine Recalls works with your Online Booking System and integrates seamlessly with Best Practice and Medical Director Clinical, eliminating any need for manual data entry.

Monitor your recalls

Keeping track of your recall and reminder activity has never been easier. HealthEngine Recalls automatically records all actions against the patient’s file along with user and date information.

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Recall patients using SMS


The patient receives a recall notification by SMS and is prompted to complete an identity check.


When the patient has verified their identity, they can see details of the recall.


The patient can book their recall appointment instantly, via your Online Booking System.

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SMS is a cost-effective way to contact patients quickly and reliably. Inbuilt SMS functionality allows you to track the full progress of a recall, including details of past and future appointments.


Manage and record all calls relating to recalls and reminders with this simple, intuitive function. Call notes are stored in the patient's file which ensures you have a complete record of activity.


HealthEngine Recalls highlights follow-ups for you, so you'll spend less time figuring out who needs to be contacted and more time communicating with patients.


There are times when a doctor needs to provide direction on a recall. HealthEngine Recalls makes it easy to flag a recall for a doctor's attention.