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The vaccine is being made available in phases, based on a number of eligibility criteria, such as your job type or if you're at higher risk of serious illness. The rollout has also been modified to allow for the different vaccines recommended for different age groups.

Simply check your eligibility, and if you're not already eligible to book your vaccination, we'll notify you once you are.

Already eligible? Book your COVID-19 vaccine now

COVID-19 Vaccinations are available to book online for those that are eligible under phases 1a, 1b, and 2a. For phase 2a, all people aged 60 years and over will be eligible to be vaccinated through GP-led Respiratory Clinics (GPRCs) and state and territory clinics and now also in general practices. If you are unsure if you are eligible, find out using the eligibility checker.

The rollout is staggered, and while not all clinics are participating, appointment availability will increase over time. If you are eligible and cannot find an appointment right now, rest assured there will be more available in the coming weeks.

How to book a COVID-19 vaccine

Step 1.

Complete the eligibility checker

Your regular GP may or may not be providing vaccines, however you can choose any available provider. You can filter by location or appointment availability.

Step 2.

Choose a provider.

If you're eligible for a vaccine at this time you’ll be able to choose a vaccine provider and book an appointment. If not, submit your details and we will keep you updated.

Step 3.

Choose a time that suits you and fill in your details.

Once you have chosen a vaccine provider and preferred time, fill in your details to complete your booking.

Step 4.

You are all booked!

We will send you a booking confirmation, and if this is only your first vaccine appointment we will remind you about your follow up vaccine.

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