HealthEngine for iPhone and iPad

Convenient Health Appointments Anytime and Anywhere

  • Find the closest available appointments at a time that works for you.
  • Book straight away, 24/7
  • Get notified when your appointment time is close and send appointment times to your calendar.

“It's an extremely easy to use app, with a neat user interface that displays all necessary information with clarity.”


“This app uses the same content as the HealthEngine website to provide a quick and easy search service for health practitioners and health practices in Australia. But its capabilities don't stop there. It can also be used to find and book appointments with an available GP.”

Australian Doctor

What People Are Saying

"Great app that is simple and easy to use whilst sufficient enough to get what you are after"
★★★★★ — Mellmay2010

"Of all the online doctor appointment services, this one wins hands down."
★★★★★ — Ozacle

"Love the new version! My GPS found a GP near me and I booked their 1st available appointment in only a few minutes at midnight!!!"
★★★★★ — Atx-boost

"What a brilliant find! I needed a doctor at short notice tonight and this app made it so easy."
★★★★★ — Gadu11

"Excellent app and service."
★★★★★ — Terina M

"Used the app and with my location it automatically listed all the available appointments in my area."
★★★★★ — Pigey

"Got a gp appointment worked perfectly will use again."
★★★★★ — Nathan573

"It's a must have, very helpful"
★★★★★ — Hugh jorgan12345

"I just found a dentist near me with this app. It was so easy!"
★★★★★ — Franchipani

"Love the look of this app! Very handy booking feature."
★★★★★ — Joolzeee

"Great app! Being able to make a GP appointment on my phone is amazing!"
★★★★★ — Taftish

"Runs smoothly guys. Very easy to use!"
★★★★★ — Rajiv Menon