Integrative Medicine combines the best of Naturopathic, Eastern, Herbal, Nutritional, and Mind Body Medicine with current Medical Science.

“When it comes to changing habits and creating a healthier lifestyle I understand that my patients don’t need more information they need simple inspiration. They need encouragement and a reminder to get back to the basics that work. “

Degree qualified as both a Medical GP and Naturopath, Dr Rach uses an integrated approach to medicine that takes into account the bigger picture of her patients overall health. This incorporates putting out the immediate fires with western prescription medicine, whilst also prescribing holistic medicine, healthy dietary and lifestyle habits as preventative measures against disease developing in the first place.

In truth, Dr Rach recognises that the bigger picture of the body’s physical health is more than just diet and lifestyle habits. That mental and emotional health, the surrounding environment, the ability to express yourself creatively, feeling connected in your relationships and in your community, a sense of purpose in life,  and having faith or a spiritual connection are all major contributing factors to the overall physical health and sense of wellbeing that an individual experiences. A complex interconnecting balancing act that is unique to each person, a life prescription that can take but a lifetime to fulfill.

Dr Rach is an exuberant explorer of the world, riding dressage horses, working as ski doctor in alpine NZ, hunting for herbal medicine in india.  She is also an explorer of the body, mind, emotion, and spirit with a sense of wonder.”

As a registered Medical Doctor, General Practitioner and Naturopath; Dr Rachel Wyndham is available for in-person and Skype consultations at Haan Health Medical Centre in Broadbeach.

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