16 Dec 2021
  • Relationship brings together two Australian homegrown health tech companies to benefit healthcare practices of all sizes
  • Healthsite to become subsidiary of Healthengine and maintain own leadership team and personalised  approach and focus for small to medium sized primary care and medical specialist practices
  • Coming soon: ability to offer customers seamless access to complementary products including Healthsite’s custom websites and Healthengine’s Patient Connect

Australian homegrown health tech companies, Healthsite and Healthengine, today announced that Healthsite will become part of the newly formed Healthengine Group to continue supporting its existing GP and medical specialist practice customers and drive future opportunities.

With the acquisition, Healthsite will become a subsidiary of Healthengine, Australia’s largest consumer healthcare platform, but will continue to operate with its own leadership team and maintain its customised and personalised approach for small to medium sized businesses in primary care and medical specialist segments.

“It was time to take the next step in Healthsite’s journey to keep up with the market and expectation of our customers. Increased funding was needed to fuel what’s next, and as we explored options, including private equity funding, we determined becoming a part of Healthengine was right for the future of our team, business and customers,” said Lachlan McPherson, founder of Healthsite.

McPherson continued, “We’re excited to be working with Healthengine and the new opportunities ahead for us as a company and our practice customers. With Healthengine’s support, we can focus on investing in digital growth and creating customised experiences for our practice customers.” 

“For our current Healthsite customers, it’s really business as usual.  There is no change to the Healthsite products, people or pricing that our customers know and expect. Building on that, we will be able to seamlessly offer our practices products like Healthengine’s Patient Connect to help increase their visibility to patients and generate more bookings,” said McPherson.

In the coming months, Healthsite’s custom websites and check-in kiosk offering will be available to Healthengine’s GP, Dental, Allied Health, Specialist and Pharmacy customers looking to build or strengthen digital engagement with patients. 

“Together with Healthsite, we’ll continue to empower healthcare providers with the best tools to deliver better care experiences, expand their digital footprint, improve their practices and grow their businesses,” said Dr Marcus Tan, CEO and co-founder of Healthengine. Having Healthsite join the Healthengine Group, builds on the offering we can provide to customers including GPs, dentists, allied health providers, specialists and pharmacists and contribute to the patient experience.”