Aim: To identify prognostic factors in patients with relapsing/refractory Hodgkin’s Disease treated with IGEV Chemotherapy and High Dose Consolidation Therapy.

Conclusions: Based on this analysis, a prognostic model for IGEV-treated patients with refractory/relapsed HD can be constructed using the above factors.

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Factors Affecting Outcome of Patients with Refractory/Relapsed Hodgkin’s Disease (HD) Treated with IGEV Chemotherapy (CT) and High Dose Consolidation Therapy (HDT) with Stem Cell Rescue.


Study Type

Multivariate analysis

Study Design

Patients: 104 patients (pts) from several institutions with relapsed/refractory HD pt characteristics at accrual: M/ F 56/48, median age 31 (range 17-65) refractory / relapsed following last CT course 40/64, median previous CT regimens: 1 (range 1-2), symptoms A/ B 32/71, Hasenclever (IPS) score <3/ > 4: 72/24 (8 pts not evaluable), LDH ratio < 1/> 1: 68/35, Previous radiotherapy (RT) yes/no: 62/42.Treatment:4 induction cycles of IGEV ifosfamide 2000 mg/mq d 1-4; gemcitabine 800 mg/mq d 1& 4; vinorelbine 20 mg/mq d 1; prednisolone 100 mg/mq d 1-4, and G-CSF) and HDT consolidation.

Further Details

Results:Ater induction, 45 pts (43%) obtained complete remission (CR) 41 (40%) partial remission (PR) and 18 (17)% did not respond (NR). Overall 89 pts received HDT and at the end of the treatment program 76 out of 104 pts were in CR.On an intent-to treat analysis, two-year freedom from progression (FFP) & overall survival (OS) for the whole series were 47% and 74.6%, respectively.In univariate analysis FFP was negatively influenced by B symptoms, IPS score > 4, LDH ratio > 1, refractory disease, and by response to IGEV.

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Indication: Hodgkin’s Disease

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Monica Balzarotti, et al Abstract 2091 ASH 2005Multi-centre institution Italy

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