Dr. Andrew Dean, Oncologist and Medical Director of the Virtual Cancer Centre, tells us about the history of myVMC: the Virtual Medical Centre.


Thank you for looking at myVMC.com. This is a website designed by health professionals to give you the latest health information. We set up myVMC.com way back in 2001 as an idea to help cancer patients cope with their illnesses and symptoms. We hoped that it was a useful resource for patients, family members, carers, in fact anybody with an interest in cancer patients well being.

After initial huge interest in cancer symptoms and treatment, we got many inquiries regarding a whole heap of other diseases including hypertension, bowel disease, reflux, back pain, in fact pretty much every health problem that people suffer today. Because of that we actually expanded and recruited specialists from all sorts of different areas to bring the united Virtual Medical Centre, which covered every aspect of modern medicine.

Each specialty area has its own Editorial Advisory Board comprised in medical specialists, general practitioners and allied health professionals, all with interest in bringing you the latest in health information to make sure that you have the best knowledge possible to help you to manage any health related issues.

It’s not just about treating illnesses when they arise; it’s about preventing illnesses. And at myVMC.com we’ve now devoted a large proportion of our time to helping you with lifestyle issues that can help you prevent becoming ill in the future.

We really hope that you find myVMC.com useful and we really value your feedback because with your feedback we can make the site even more interesting for people who look at it.

So thank you for visiting today.

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myVMC logo If you would like to know more about myVMC.com, including its history, our Medical Directors and Editorial Advisory Boards or how to become a member, visit About myVMC.

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