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Urine Pregnancy Test

Urine Pregnancy Test

Urine HCG (Urine Pregnancy Test) is a quick bedside urine pregnancy test. The type used in hospitals works on the same principle as home pregnancy test kits, but is slightly more reliable.

How the Test is Performed

Urine HCG (Urine Pregnancy Test) is performed by collecting a sample of urine, which is usually applied to a test kit using a disposable plastic dropper. A colour change will indicate a positive pregnancy test, and there is almost always a “control” area or symbol which changes colour as a double-check that the test is actually working.

Medical Conditions and Symptoms

The Urine HCG (Urine Pregnancy Test) may be performed by your doctor if they suspect that you may be pregnant, or if you suspect pregnancy yourself! Usual pregnancy symptoms include a missed or late period (amenorrhea), breast fullness or tenderness, or nausea and vomiting (morning sickness).
The test is often routinely performed in women of childbearing age with abdominal pain, and those who require an Abdominal X-Ray or Pelvic X-Ray, because of concerns or radiation to an unborn baby.

More Detail

Home pregnancy test kits available to the general public generally are very sensitive (meaning they can pick up a pregnancy quite early on), almost as sensitive as a blood test. Hospital test kits are generally considered reliable, and a blood pregnancy test (Beta HCG) is usually not necessary to confirm the result.

Test Results Explained

  • A POSITIVE Urine HCG means that the woman is pregnant.
  • A NEGATIVE Urine HCG means that the woman is NOT pregnant.

Occasionally, a laboratory may report a test as “weakly positive” or “indeterminate”. This is usually due to a very small amount of the hormone Beta HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) being present in the urine, for example very early in a pregnancy, or when a pregnancy has miscarried. In this case a blood test may be useful, or the urine test may be repeated in a day or two to give the answer.

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