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The Expansion Point is passionate about helping you live a meaningful life--we get it--because we really are human too, and we are not shy about telling you.

Naomi is an AHPRA Registered Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor.

Naomi's goal is to help you reach your potential through engineering psychological flexibility, coping and problem solving skills.

Since 2012, Naomi has worked in primary and secondary schools, and in private practice. She has supported children, adolescents and adults experiencing a range of learning difficulties, developmental delays, very challenging behaviours and mental health concerns -- including clients from non-English speaking backgrounds, and families who have experienced significant trauma.

Naomi is a passionate and energetic psychologist who is particularly proud of her ability to help others build the skills they need to develop positive relationships, find meaning in their experiences and to face life's challenges with courage, confidence, and self compassion.

While Naomi is trained in a range of counselling techniques, she is particularly fond of using third wave therapy approaches such as Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Collaborative & Proactive Solutions. Moving away from a deficit model of the human experience, with its emphasis on diagnostic labels and symptoms — ACT and CPS appreciate that we would all do well if we could but the human brain is naturally hardwired to produce psychological pain and suffering. Naomi does not interpret her client's difficulties with living as a sign of being broken, or in need of fixing. Rather, she marvels at the adaptive capacity of human brain to alert us to dangers and persistently keep us safe -- even though that hurts! Naomi finds the ACT and CPS approaches extremely refreshing, and personally satisfying — and she thinks you will too.

With energy, warmth, compassion and care, Naomi supports her clients to foster a sense of willingness to experience what it means to be a real live human being — including all the ups and downs we will naturally experience along the way. Through building their psychological flexibility, resilience and problem solving, Naomi's clients gain personal insight and most importantly, the essential skills and strategies they will need to cope better and achieve a rich, full and meaningful life.

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Qualifications and Experience


  • 2010 - Bachelor of Psychology ( Honours ) (BPsych (Hons)) from Murdoch University
  • 2011 - Graduate Diploma - Education (GradDipEd) from UWA

Languages spoken

  • English

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