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Connect My Mind - Connecting to Your Happy

Connect My Mind is a premium telehealth service provided by professional therapists to support individuals challenges and provide appropriate skill sets to connect them back to 'happy'. We make professional counselling accessible and convenient to all individuals - so anyone who struggles with managing the challenges of life can get help, anytime, anywhere.

Connect My Mind offers access to experienced and accredited psychologists, mental health social workers, counsellors and psychotherapists. Our friendly therapists come from a diverse background of knowledge and experience, and utilise an array of techniques to help individuals gain controls of their lives in the comfort of their own environment. Individuals have the advantage of scheduling therapy sessions for times that are the most convenient for them. The benign online disinhibition effect describes a situation in which people get benefit from the absence of actual face to face intercation. Further, with the help of anonymity and 'distance', individuals have been found to share personal feelings or disclose themselves in the way they are reluctant to do in real life.

Connect My Mind is open to all Australians; no matter their geographical area. This offers offers immediate support and intervention to individuals who would have substantial wait or travel time. Further, driving long distances and the inability to take significant time out of a busy work schedules to seek therapy can be a burden to many individuals in need of help.

With reliable internet, Connect My Mind provides the community quick and easy access to treatment that might not have been readily available to you otherwise. It can also be an important tool to help individuals learn more about their psychological health and those around them; leading to better emotional and social wellbeing.

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Team profile photo of Owen Broadley

Mr Owen Broadley

Psychologist, Male
Team profile photo of Ivan Lean

Mr Ivan Lean

Psychologist, Male
Team profile photo of Sandra Cohen

Ms Sandra Cohen

Social Worker, Female
Team profile photo of Sermin Baycan

Ms Sermin Baycan

Social Worker, Female
Team profile photo of Sally Conolly

Ms Sally Conolly

Psychologist, Female

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Connect My Mind is a telehealth service; accessible anytime, anywhere.