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Suite 6 / 82 Meadowlands Road, Carindale, QLD 4152


Angela commenced a career in psychology almost 30 years ago and is passionate about helping others to achieve their aspirations. Not only does Angela haveextensive psychological knowledge, she also has a wealth of life experience to assist people in a variety of ways, whether it be helping them to overcome a specific struggle, to maximise their engagement in life or to work on a specific skill.

Angela’s has a warm, friendly and relaxed style and works in solidarity with clients to achieve their goals. She is particularly keen to assist people in finding meaning and purpose and enjoys being with people on their life journey even if just to have that privilege for a short time. Her view of humanity is that everyone can be helped in some way and she has witnessed many personal transformations and the pleasure when people make changes in their own and others’ lives.

Angela has worked with government departments and national organisations, which involved supervising, training and developing psychologists and in addition she has undertaken the following:

  • Presented at State and National Conference
  • Been interviewed live on national radio (ABC)
  • Was interviewed for various newspapers
  • Asked to attend a live TV interview on Channel 9.

Angela is guided by a number of therapeutic approaches and philosophies and brings these together with a caring and compassionate attitude to shape the treatment into an individualised plan with the aim to achieve healing and enduring change. Empathy underpins her treatment, as does the view that the client is the centre of the process, as is the therapeutic relationship. Therapy is not ‘set in concrete’ but modified and adapted over time based on client feedback and whether the strategies are helping or need some adjusting.

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Angela Dillon is a female Psychologist in Carindale, QLD.

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