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Online booking system for patients

Our Online Booking System is proven to save you time and money through improved front desk administration.

  • Free up your front desk and deliver better patient care.
  • Fill schedule gaps while remainingĀ in full control of appointment times displayed.
  • Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders.
  • Improve data accuracy by letting patients enter their own details at the time of booking.

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Are you an AGPAL accredited practice? Get online appointment bookings in your practice at no cost* Conditions apply.

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Terms and Conditions

Australia's largest Online Booking System is now available to AGPAL clients at no cost.

  1. 'AGPAL accreditation' as listed on
  2. An eligible general practice is required to use HealthEngine for the provision of the Online Booking System for a minimum period of 12 months from the time of their first appointment going live online.
  3. The HealthEngine Online Booking System is included as long as an eligible general practice remains AGPAL accredited.
  4. Standard pricing applies if an eligible practice is no longer accredited by AGPAL.
  5. If an eligible general practice takes the offer and terminates the Online Booking System service during the first 12 month period, the total amount of monthly fees that would have been payable during that period become payable within 30 days.
  6. Not available with any other offer. Additional charges apply for other HealthEngine services including the Online Health Directory and Appointment Marketing.

Why online bookings?

24/7 availability

74% of online appointments are made after hours. Allow your practice to be available even when you're not.

Fewer phone calls

Reducing phone calls to your practice will allow staff more time to focus on fewer tasks and improve efficiencies.

Increased loyalty

Give patients the same online convenience they have come to expect in everyday life and they'll repay you with their loyalty.

How it works

  • Seamless integration

    Our Online Booking System integrates seamlessly with all major practice management software, including Best Practice, Pracsoft, Genie and Software of Excellence to name a few.

  • Real-time availability

    Seamless connection means that your availability is published in real-time online.

  • Quick and simple to install

    Installing HealthEngine's Online Booking System takes just minutes over the phone with one of our friendly support team members.

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Integration partners

Our Online Booking System integrates seamlessly with more practice management software than any other provider.

Our Online Booking System works best when implemented as part of the complete HealthEngine suite.