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Level 1, Suite 1051B / North Lakes Drive Mango Hill, QLD 4509

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We Have A Comprehensive Approach To Foot Care

Helping your feet to do the things they want to do, without pain. We believe strongly in providing our patients with a choice of quality treatment options, to achieve their goals.

Why see a podiatrist?

Podiatrists are university trained health professionals who deal exclusively with the feet and the lower limbs. This includes areas such as pediatrics (children),ingrown toenails, diabetes, sports injuries, structural problems, elderly and general foot care.

It's easy to underestimate the role of our feet, but when we think about how long we spend on our feet all day, it's not hard to see why it's so important to look after this part of our body.

It is estimated that our feet will carry us about 128,000 kilometers over a lifetime... now that's impressive!

It's also important to remember that pain in other parts of the body can be related to the feet. For example, knee, hip and back pain is sometimes relieved by treating the mechanics of your feet.

As well as a comprehensive range of treatments we also offer orthotics and footwear from only our most trusted brands.

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Nathan Tomlins

Podiatrist, Male

Bree Clarke

Podiatrist, Female
Practice staff profile photo of Pan Jayasinghe

Pan Jayasinghe

Podiatrist, Female

Melissa Pearce

Podiatrist, Female
Practice staff profile photo of Andrew Kang

Andrew Kang

Podiatrist, Male

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Entire Podiatry North Lakes is a private billing practice. Payment is required at the time of consultation.

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Level 1, Suite 1051B / North Lakes Drive Mango Hill, QLD 4509
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Foot pain & injuries
Paediatric podiatry