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I'm Jamie Page and I'm one of the directors of Butel Health Services along with Scott Gentle. I graduated from Salford University U.K. in 2005 with a BSc in Sports Rehabilitation. I moved to Australia the same year and completed my Masters in Physiotherapy from Sydney University in 2008. I started work with Butel Health services late 2008. I had originally worked as a personal trainer and completed a Personal Training and Sports Therapy Diploma in 2002. My background from personal training to physiotherapy ensured I became very passionate about how people move and how to motivate people in multiple areas of health. After over a decade working in private practice i have become more interested in complex chronic pain or reoccurring pain. I'm particularly interested in the root causes of inflammatory disorders and autoimmunity within pain presentations. With this I consider key foundations for health beyond just biomechanics and structure including how diet and digestive health, sleep quality, stress and the autonomic nervous system and general exercise may interact with a presentation. With acute injury management I maintain up to date evidence based practice and regularly review new research and evolve my interventions accordingly. I have a musculoskeletal approach to physiotherapy within this setting involving looking at posture and biomechanics as a factor in performance, injury and recovery. I have completed numerous post-graduate courses including dry needling, myo-fascial release, articular and muscle energy techniques and pain education workshops with Butler and Moseley. My particular musculoskeletal interest is with hip, pelvic and shoulder dysfunction. I have completed Dr Alison Grimaldi’s dynamic hip retraining course, Dr Jeremy Lewis’ Shoulder Theory and Practice and Dr Barbara Hungerford's treatment of the cervical and thoracic spine and cage. I have also completed completed Dean Watsons headache level 1 course. I am also interested in patients who fail with gym programs and the challenges the gym can entail for many. I have previously run workshops in this area for personal trainers. I've also become fascinated with how genetics can explain health challenges and have completed a course with SmartDNA. This allows me to help explain genetic issues with respect to inflammation, collagen synthesis and issues with slow tissue healing, fat metabolism and cholesterol disorders, nutrient deficiencies, detoxification pathways and oxidative stress to name but a few. I have found this very useful for patients struggling for answers with complex health issues. I additionally run a personal training studio in Darlinghurst doing a combination of physiotherapy and physiotherapy-based personal training. If you are interested in making a booking in Darlinghurst, please call me on 0431 124 441. What I love most about working as a physiotherapist is it's constant evolution and the challenges keeping up with such a dynamic area of health. Every year is different and investing intellectually in this movement only brings more reward and job satisfaction.

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