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71 Market Street Fremantle, WA 6160

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Professional, Passionate and Personalised Eye Care Experience

Here at Bailey Nelson, we see things a little differently. We believe eye care doesn’t have to be boring, and that's why it's our mission to have passionate and caring optometrists who ensure all patients enjoy an experience worth remembering. Our eye tests are tailored for each individual, so everyone walks away looking and feeling different.  

Our stress-free consultation rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment and processes. Each eye test is fully customised and on average takes 20-30 minutes to complete. The first thing our optometrists do is carefully check how well you can see. They also carry out various other tests to identify any issues with your eyes or vision.

The services we offer include:

  • Eye Exam - A comprehensive eye examination to assess vision, examine eye health and manage vision related problems.

  • Contact Lens Aftercare - A follow up examination for contact lens wearers to assess vision with your contact lenses and ensure the lenses are comfortable and fitting well.

  • OCT & Digital Retinal Imaging - OCT (optical coherence tomography) is a 3D imaging technology that allows your optometrist to see below the visible surface of your retina - similar to that of an MRI.

  • OPTOS - This is a new ultra-wide digital retinal imaging technology that allows your optometrist to screen for and detect early signs of eye disease in the periphery of your retina by taking one single panoramic image.

If necessary, a customised prescription will be tailored specifically to your lifestyle and individual needs. Our optometrists detect, diagnose, and help treat eye focusing problems and eye conditions. You'll be given honest and professional advice about whether you truly need glasses, an update to your existing prescription, or further treatment for an eye problem.

Our eye tests are bulk billed for eligible card holders and and many other tests can be provided under Medicare. We also offer private consultations for those without Medicare coverage.

Please bring your Medicare card, private health insurance card & current spectacles. If your consultation is for a contact lens aftercare please wear your contact lenses and bring your contact lens case to the appointment.

Pricing and payment

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Bailey Nelson Fremantle provides Bulk Billed eye tests for eligible Medicare card holders. For those patients without Medicare coverage we offer private consultations, these are required to be paid for at the time of the consultation.

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