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Founded in 2017, Releaf Clinics is Australia’s first dedicated clinic & dispensary group formed to simplify the consultation process and access to medicine for patients in need offering a fully integrated health care service, incorporating integrative medicine clinics, pharmacies and retail.

Releaf Clinics are multidisciplinary clinics which offer a range of services including orthodox medical services, medicinal cannabis prescribing, allied health services (which may include, depending on each clinic, naturopathy, psychology and others), pharmacy, and a retail dispensary carrying supplements and health foods.

Whilst our doctors are trained in medicinal cannabis prescribing and our pharmacists are also trained in its use, medicinal cannabis is only one potential therapeutic option for patient health conditions and suitability is assessed on an individual basis in consultation with the doctor.

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Australia-Wide Online Telehealth Clinic Brisbane City, QLD 4000
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