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Doctors on Demand is the only on-demand online Video Consultation Service giving you immediate access to Australian registered doctors 24/7 at a time & location that suits you for a 15 minute consultation.

Doctors on Demand, the largest virtual care service in Australia, has been operating since 2016 offering online video consultations for primary care and repeat prescriptions. Using the latest in web technology, our registered Australian doctors can securely and conveniently talk with you about your health concerns without leaving home. And with over 2,200 pharmacies in our network, you can collect your medications directly from your local chemist.

We offer a range of services including:

• Prescriptions

• Referrals

• Pathology/Radiology requests

• Medical certificates for workplace and study commitments

Our standard consultation up to 15 minutes is $62.95.

Our experienced doctors can help you with common conditions such as:

• Acne

• Respiratory Tract Infection

• Urinary Tract Infections / Cystitis

• Eczema / Psoriasis - Dry Skin

• Sexually Transmitted Diseases

• Heartburn / Indigestion

• Contraception

• Rashes / Skin Issues

• Cold & Flu

• Travel Medicine

• Hair Loss

• Erectile Dysfunction

• Asthma

• Allergies / Hay fever

• Sore Throat

• Eye Conditions

• Nausea / Vomiting / Diarrhoea

When you’re unwell, you don’t want the hassle of a waiting room. You can be sure that with Doctors on Demand you and your family receive quality care when and where they need it.

Video call options

Choose how to see the doctor for your video consultation.

From your phone
Use the free video call app on iOS or Android.
From your PC/Mac
Use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser on most types of Windows PC and macOS.


Team profile photo of Sharanya Sivakumar

Dr Sharanya Sivakumar

GP, Female
Team profile photo of John Maclean

Dr John Maclean

GP, Male
Team profile photo of Fred Edwards

Dr Fred Edwards

Team profile photo of Ali Nazari

Dr Ali Nazari

GP, Male
Team profile photo of Tawfique Chowdhury

Dr Tawfique Chowdhury

GP, Male
Team profile photo of Bandara Dissanayake

Dr Bandara Dissanayake

GP, Male
Team profile photo of Camilla White

Dr Camilla White

GP, Female
Team profile photo of Robin Goh

Dr Robin Goh

GP, Male
Team profile photo of Nicole Dever

Dr Nicole Dever

GP, Female
Team profile photo of Mary Jane Harris

Dr Mary Jane Harris

GP, Female
Team profile photo of Jesse de Vries

Dr Jesse de Vries

GP, Male
Team profile photo of James Longmore

Dr James Longmore

GP, Male
Team profile photo of Epi Zaman

Dr Epi Zaman

GP, Female
Team profile photo of Sharon Wu

Dr Sharon Wu

GP, Female
Team profile photo of Joseph Chua

Dr Joseph Chua

GP, Male
Team profile photo of Mackie Abu-Bakr

Dr Mackie Abu-Bakr

GP, Male

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This pricing is indicative only. Actual fees may vary based on the treatment received during the appointment, and if you have preferred provider private health insurance.

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Please note that this is a privately billed service and Medicare rebates are not applicable for this GP consultation. Learn more.

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Doctors on Demand is a private billing practice. Payment is required at the time of consultation. Video Consultations with General Practitioners are not currently covered by Medicare.

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