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Redfern Station Medical Centre and Skin Clinic is committed to promoting good health and disease prevention in our community. The clinic provides quality medical services in an efficient and professional environment.

The medical centre has an onsite pharmacy, radiology, psychology services, physiotherapy and Douglass Hanly Moir pathology to provide you and your family with convenient, co-ordinated and wholistic health care.

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RSMC Skin Cancer Clinic:


66% of Australians will develop Skin cancers by the age of 70 years old. The most serious being melanoma. This accounts for up to 2% of skin cancers. If picked up early, the outcome is good. Squamous cell carcinoma spreads locally over months and can cause a lot of tissue damage if left untreated. These account for 33% of skin cancers.

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common skin cancer. They are slow growing and can be disfiguring if left untreated.

The idea of a skin check is detect any nasty skin cancer. Its other role is to pick up early pre cancerous lesions call sun spots (solar keratoses) and dysplastic moles. Prevention is the best cure! Put on a hat, sun glasses and use water resistant SPF 30+ minimum sun block.


Who should have a skin check?

If you had a family history of melanoma.

If you have Fitzpatrick skin phenotypes 1 and 2. (which is pale skin and burns easily). If you have a lot of dysplastic moles.

If you had a lot of sun exposure when you were young particularly with history of sun burns.

If you frequently use tanning solariums. (Both UVA & UVB radiation are risk factor for skin cancers). If your partner tells you that you have an unusual spot on your back that you cannot see.

We would advise that you book an appointment with a GP that does skin cancer checks or a skin cancer clinic. Alternative, you may use the services at Redfern Station Medical Centre 

What to expect?

The skin cancer check may take up to 30 mins. You will be requested to undress down to your underwear. The Doctor will examine you with a Dermatoscope. If there are any concerns regarding a skin lesion, they may take photo of it with your permission for monitoring purposes.

They will advise you regarding the appropriate management options. This may involve returning at a later date to review the lesion and compare it to the photograph taken earlier, a biopsy of the lesion or to excise the lesion. If the Doctor detects any sun spots, they may also advise cryotherapy to manage these spots.

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Appointments currently not published on HealthEngine's directory