Over time, people have realised that going to the dentist saves us a lot of future pain, time and money. The only problem is, most people think dental care is expensive in Australia! The truth is, there are dental clinics that are more affordable than you think — and it could be just within your neighbourhood.

So we created this blog article to walk you through what you need to know about dental care in Melbourne.

Facts about Dental Care in Australia

All around the world, people in Australia rank fifth on the sugar consumption scale. Here are some interesting statistics:

How much sugar do Australians consume daily?

Australians consume roughly 96.5 grams of sugar daily

What ratio of Australian adolescents consume excessive amounts of sugar?

7 out of 10 children or adolescents consume an excessive amount of sugar daily

What percentage of adults brush their teeth more than once a day?

55.5% of adults (15+ years old) report brushing their teeth two or more times every day

What percentage of children brush their teeth more than once a day?

68.5% of children (5–14 years old) report brushing their teeth two or more times every day

In light of these facts, it’s not surprising that many Australians have experienced tooth pain. In fact, over 90% of adults have experienced decay in permanent teeth. Whether it be cavities, tooth decay or something worse, tooth pain makes seeing the dentist necessary.

Why We Avoid Going to the Dentist

Some of us may avoid check-ups because we’re lazy or scared, but most of us think we can’t afford the visit. In fact, 41% of people in Australia — that’s 12.6 million people — say it’s too expensive. That’s nearly half of our country avoiding important care due to money.

According to the National Oral Health Plan, more than 63,000 Australians are hospitalised each year for preventable dental conditions. We believe we can help our society avoid these outcomes by providing reliable city-wide guides of dental practices. The aim is to help you shop for the best and most affordable dental care.

Let’s take a deep dive into Melbourne’s dental care.

Common Dental Procedures in Melbourne

Melbourne is ripe with dental practices and procedures. We’ll get into the details in a minute, but first, let’s talk about why we should visit the dentist in the first place.

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General Dental Check-Ups

We need dental check-ups mostly for preventive care. The idea is to invest now to avoid serious future pain. When unchecked, we may experience some early signs of dental trouble like jaw pain, mouth sores, bad breath or swollen gums.

During a dental check-up, the dentist will remove excess buildup from your teeth and gum line with special tools. They may also take X-rays to ensure everything looks good under the surface. The general recommendation is to visit a dentist every six months. However, if you take good care of your teeth, you may be able to stretch that to once every year.

The average cost of a dental check-up (with x-rays) in Melbourne CBD is $114.13. Here are the cheapest suburbs to get one:

  • Heidelberg West $50
  • Doncaster East $55
  • Hawthorn $60
  • Somerville $60
  • Craigieburn $60

White Fillings

One of the most common dental procedures is filling a cavity. Even those who are faithful with keeping their teeth healthy can develop cavities. Fillings are the practice of restoring a damaged tooth by replacing decayed parts with a new material.

There are many types of fillings on the market. White fillings are a mix of plastic and glass materials and are often chosen for their ability to blend with the tooth colour. The dentist bonds the filling directly to your affected tooth, then carefully shapes and colours the filling to match perfectly with the surrounding natural teeth.

The average cost of white fillings in Melbourne is $252.41. Here are the costs by suburb:

  • Kew – $124
  • Eltham – $160
  • Craigieburn – $180
  • Hawthorn – $190
  • Doncaster East – $200

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the molars positioned furthest back in our mouths. We each have four wisdom teeth, and they are the last ones to develop. Some people’s wisdom teeth never erupt, and others simply don’t have the room in their jaws to accommodate them. When there’s not enough space, or if the teeth don’t emerge, we need to have a dentist extract them.

A minor surgical procedure is required to remove wisdom teeth:

  • After the application of anaesthesia, the dentist will slightly trim the dense bone surrounding the tooth
  • Then, the tooth is sectioned and removed in several pieces in order to preserve as much bone as possible and prevent nerve damage
  • Post-procedure, swelling will occur and the dentist will provide medications and guidelines to ensure healthy healing.

The average cost of wisdom tooth extraction in Melbourne is $333.96, which is the most expensive nationwide. In Melbourne’s surrounding suburbs, the prices range:

  • Craigieburn – $185
  • Oakleigh East – $210
  • Richmond – $220
  • Kew – $250
  • Eltham – $250

Teeth Whitening

Yellow stained teeth can ruin your smile. Unfortunately, eating too much sugar and drinking coffee take a toll on our pearly whites. But the good news is, modern technology can help bring the whiteness back to our teeth.

A simple cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening works by applying bleach to our teeth, which essentially breaks down surface stains. There are several types of bleaching options, and not all options work on all types of teeth.

The most common type of procedure is one in which the dentist applies a protective gel to your gums and then bleaches your teeth.

If you want to do it yourself at home, there are also available at-home options for you that come with with simple instructions from the dentist.

Finally, there are over-the-counter options, which contain less bleach, but are cheaper.

The average cost of teeth whitening in Melbourne is $504.57. The cheapest suburbs for teeth whitening in Melbourne are:

  • Kew – $199
  • Albert Park – $250
  • Oakleigh East – $250
  • Keysborough – $350
  • Richmond – $375
  • Southbank – $395

Root Canals

Our teeth decay over time, and a root canal is needed when a section of a tooth essentially dies. When this happens, a dentist goes in and removes the dead part of the tooth, then replaces it with a filling. During the procedure, you’ll be put under anaesthesia and won’t feel any pain. Once finished, your tooth is as good as new!

The average cost of a root canal in Melbourne is $1,392.40. Here are the cheapest suburbs to get root canals:

  • Kew – $600
  • Richmond – $900
  • Port Melbourne – $1,000
  • Doncaster – $1,038
  • Hawthorn – $1,200

The Most Common Dental Procedures in Melbourne

In Melbourne, people most often visit their dentists for general check-ups and white fillings.

Average Prices for Dental Procedures in Melbourne

Now that we’ve taken a deep dive into the different procedures, let’s do a quick high level comparison of Melbourne metro!

  • Professional teeth whitening – $504.57
  • General check-ups – $114.13
  • Wisdom tooth removal – $333.96
  • A filling in Melbourne – $252.41
  • Root canals in Melbourne – $1,392.40

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