Whether you need to fill a prescription, or order pharmacy products such as pain relief, nappies, vitamins or medications, sometimes the trip to the pharmacy and the long wait in the queue is just not an option.

Chemist2U has recently launched its nationwide convenient, same-day delivery service – helping Australians get well sooner.  

For those with a chronic illness or requiring medication at an exact time, it is vital that medications be adhered to according to their prescribed schedule. Medication availability can also be a widespread issue, and sometimes patients aren’t aware of unavailabilities until they arrive at the pharmacy the day they need their medicine. 

 “Missing a day in a prescription cycle can at times have serious consequences, and it is vital patients take necessary measures to ensure they are restocked well before they require their medication.” says Dr. Matthew Cullen, Founder of Chemist2U. 

“For chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, depression, or any illnesses needing medicine one or more times a day, ensuring you have enough of your ongoing medication supply is not just a logistical issue, it can be life-threatening.”

Same day medication delivery – how does it work?

Chemist2U offers its same-day delivery service by partnering with a nationwide network of local pharmacies. In this way, you are supporting local business and the pharmacist involved checks your order and can contact you with any queries or further information.

It’s so simple to use:

  • Step 1 Download the App or shop via the website
  • Step 2 Place your order, upload your prescription and we match you to a community pharmacy in your area.
  • Step 3 Your order will be fulfilled and delivered to your door the same day

Why should I use Chemist2U?

Chemist2U ticks all the boxes; Convenience – tick, last minute medicine supplies – tick, not needing to leave home – tick.

With other health services now very much in the digital sphere, Chemist2U brings the pharmacy industry up to speed. If you have booked an appointment online, had a telehealth consultation and are in need of medicine, the natural progression should be to get your medication delivered. Until now, you would have to leave home unnecessarily, but this is no longer the case.

Supporting local pharmacies

Chemist2U Partner, Nick Pearson from Aspley Day & Night Pharmacy in Brisbane, recognises  the benefits of same day delivery for his customers. “Chemist2U appeals to many people, from time-poor Australians; mums and dads with young children; to customers who don’t have access to transport or have to rely on their carer, family or friends going out to make these purchases.”

Australians nationwide can now access their medication and over-the-counter remedies by simply downloading the Chemist2U app or ordering online. It is one of the most convenient revolutions in healthcare today, providing a much needed service to those who are sick or in need and changing the way we access our healthcare now and for the future.

Use the promotional code Free2U for free delivery on your first order. 

Chemist2U – Medicine and more, delivered to your door.