Pelvic X-Ray

Pelvic X-Ray is usually performed in the setting of a fall or injury.

How the Test is Performed

A Pelvic X-Ray is taken with the patient lying flat on a special X-Ray table, or on a specially-equipped bed that can accomodate an X-Ray film.

Medical Conditions and Symptoms

A Pelvic X-Ray is usually ordered to look for a fracture (break in the bone), following an injury, for example from a car accident or a fall. Older people are more likely to suffer a pelvic fracture from a fall at home.
On rare occassions, an Obstetrician may request X-Ray Pelvimetry, to obtain information about the size and shape of a woman’s pelvis, because of the implications for childbirth.

Test Results Explained

Pelvic X-Rays are reported by a Radiologist. Less subtle abnormalities can be pointed out by your doctor.

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Also Known As

  • X-Ray Pelvis


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