Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterised by excessive perspiration in response to non-thermoregulatory stimuli; that is, in response to stimuli other than heat. Maria and Daniel talk about living with hyperhidrosis and how the condition is treated.
Maria and Daniel talk about living with hyperhidrosis.
M: Our problem is basically just excessive sweating from under the arms from a very early age for me and for Daniel as well.
Dr N: Is it the same for both of you?
M: Mhm.
Dr N: Yeah ok, I see. And how does this actually affect your life and your lifestyle?
M: It has affected mine from a very early age, that it just made me quite shy and I wasn’t able to do certain things that other people did and umm just the clothing that I had to wear to cover it up. It was easier for Daniel though, because there is a lot more information out there now.
Hyperhidrosis imageWhen I was very young at school I remember wearing jumpers on days when it was very hot. And just the way you stand and you don’t… I don’t know… it’s hard to think back on what I did. I remember being embarrassed a lot and being very shy.
Daniel talks about finding an effective treatment
D: You know I didn’t have to change my shirt when I came home in the afternoon and I didn’t have to change it at school, that sort of thing.  Umm I didn’t have to watch what I was wearing, I didn’t have to worry about how big my sweat marks where under my shirt.
I know of one other person now, during high school years that have it. But no, I still felt like the odd one out.
Her wedding day
M: One of the many days where I had to cover things up, but because it’s such a special day, I remember months and months before part of my preparation was, how do I get through the day without… in those days… I know a lot of the girls now will wear shoulder-less dresses, and things, but mine was fully enclosed, like I had sleeves. We had patches sown inside it just so that I could get through those first few hours of nervousness.
D: So umm if I was to go out at night, that sort of thing, I’d wear sort of basic colour shirts, white, black, dark navy shirts that wouldn’t show the colour. Shirts like this colour and bright colour shirts, that sort of thing, I could never wear.
D: In the classroom putting my hand up for a question didn’t happen often, more got in trouble for not putting my hand up and talking. But other than that, no, sort of found different ways to get around it.
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