Major motor skills

DevelopmentChildren aged 5–7 years old can skip, and have strong ball skills.

Fine motor skills

Children can colour pictures and will learn to tie their shoe laces.


Children’s writing skills develop, usually beginning with their name. Reading skills are developing, and they can talk fluently and confidently.

Vision and hearing

Children should demonstrate everyday visual competence for near and far.

Social achievements and play

Children choose their own friends, dress/undress themselves, show caring behaviours, have an understanding of rules and will argue.

When to be concerned

Some children are slower to reach these age-appropriate milestones, but will often catch up. Others have not been exposed to certain skills and so wouldn’t be expected to develop them. For example, a child who only wears ‘slip-on’ shoes or shoes with velcro straps is unlikely to learn to tie shoelaces by age seven.

More information

Developmental milestones in childhood For more information on developmental milestones in childhood, including recommended health check-ups and childhood immunisation, see Developmental Milestones.


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