Learn How to Arrange an Immunisation Catch Up Schedule

Immunisation is a safe and effective way to protect your child against serious diseases that can cause severe health problems and even death. If your child has missed an immunisation, or has not been immunised at all, it’s easy to get back on track. Just talk to your GP or immunisation provider about organising catch-up immunisations.

What are childhood immunisations?

Some childhood diseases can have devastating outcomes for children, including permanent disability and death. Having your child immunised gives him or her immunity against specific diseases and helps protect them from unnecessary pain and suffering.

In Australia, the Childhood Immunisation Program Schedule sets out which immunisations your child should have and at what age they should have them. Your child’s immunisation schedule typically begins at birth and then progresses through various stages until the age of seven years.

If you are unsure whether your child has missed an immunisation, or if you are just curious about what they will be getting immunised against, you can access the Australian Childhood Immunisation Program Schedule online through The Department of Health’s Immunise Australia Program website.

How to check which immunisations your child has received

Immunisation records for all children between the ages of newborn to seven years are kept on a national database called the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR). As the ACIR began in January 1996, immunisation records from before this date will not appear on the database.

If you’ve lost track of which immunisations your child has received, or think that he or she may have missed one, you can get a copy of your child’s ACIR records at any time. To do this, simply call the ACIR directly on 1800 653 809.

What to do if your child has missed an immunisation

If your child has missed one or several immunisations, a catch up immunisation schedule should be started. This can usually be arranged through your local GP clinic. Your GP will set out a catch up schedule, which may be specific to your child.

You should not be alarmed if the catch-up schedule looks a little different from that set out in the Childhood Immunisation Program Schedule. Of course, if you have any concerns, it’s wise to talk them through with your GP.

How to book a catch-up immunisation

If your child is overdue for an immunisation, use HealthEngine to book a convenient appointment with a GP in your local area today.

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