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Brickworks Medical Clinic-QLD

Southport Hormonal Health Practitioner
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Open until 5:00pm
Suite 5.02 / 107 Ferry Road Southport, QLD 4215

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Brickworks Medical Clinic - Dr Maura McGill - (Please note Dr McGill is currently not taking on any new patients).

COVID SAFE PLAN: Due to the new regulations patients entering the clinic that are unvaccinated will need to please wear a mask. Alternatively our practitoners offer phone consultations for your convenience.

Home of Dr. Maura McGill and her team of Australia's Foremost Hormone Experts.


Do you struggle with any of these symptoms?

  • Intermittent Mood Swings?
  • Hot flushes & sweats?
  • Tears & frustration? (Many Doctors unnecessarily put hormone sufferers on anti-depressants)
  • Low libido, diminished sex lives, and relationship stresses?
  • Cramps/pelvic pain?
  • “Foggy” brain? Scattered thinking? Forgetfulness?
  • Bloating and/or… (deep breath)
  • Weight gain?? (As if the rest wasn’t bad enough!)

Experiencing hormonal frustration? Is it causing friction in your home, maybe even causing issues with your partner, family conflicts? Worse? Hormonal/menopausal women sometimes lose their partners over these frustrating &/or dark, depressing times – it usually happens to us when we are at our most vulnerable.

Women like you are suffering: wild mood swings anxiety, depression, low libido, frustration, migraines. Then in menopause we can further add to the list: hot flushes, low libido, dry vagina, weight gain, confusion and forgetfulness.

These symptoms can wreck your love life, make you miserable and turn your loving family home into a lonely, despairing place – ALL NEEDLESSLY.

Most doctors only offer “band-aid” solutions for PMS symptoms. And for menopause? Everyone seems to think that HRT (standard hormone replacement therapy) is the only option because that’s all their doctor will prescribe. There are still too many questions hanging over HRT. Standard HRT IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION. So many Pre-menstrual or Menopausal women continue to suffer, often very badly indeed, from hormonal symptoms and either don’t know why – or they think they just have to “battle on” through their symptoms.

Don’t try to just “suck it up”, especially when there is relief available.

Please Book an Online Appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Brickwork's Medical Clinic is a Private Billing Clinic with Medicare rebate applicable for doctors appointments only.

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Team profile photo of Narinder Bhangoo

Mrs Narinder Bhangoo

Dermal Therapist, Female
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Dr Maura McGill

Hormonal Health Practitioner, Female
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Miss Rachael Reed

Naturopath, Female
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Dr Sadek Hamied

GP, Male
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Dr Sanjeet Bhangoo

GP, Male
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Miss Clinical Assistant-New Hormone Appointments

Hormonal Health Practitioner, Female

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This pricing is indicative only. Actual fees may vary based on the treatment received during the appointment, and if you have preferred provider private health insurance.

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Clinical Assistant Appointment (Phone Consult Only)
Hormone Appointment Dr McGill
Dr Sadek - Hormone Appointment - Dr Sadek & Dr Sanjeet)
Long Gp appointment
Standard GP appointment (Level B)
Dr McGill - Hormone Consult
Rachael Reed - Naturopathy Appointment (phone Consult only)
Rachael Reed - Hormone (Phone Consult Only)

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We are a private billing clinic. Payment for private billing is required at the time of the consulation.

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Suite 5.02 / 107 Ferry Road Southport, QLD 4215
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8:00am - 5:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm

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Directions and parking

We are located two doors up from Chemist Warehouse in the Brickworks Centre on Ferry Rd in Southport.

While there are plenty of parking spaces, please note that the parking lot can fill up quickly and heavily during the day. Please allow yourself enough time to find a park prior to your appointment.