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  • Dr Hareesh Thippeswamy
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Welcome to All In One Dental

Welcome to All In One Dental

All In One Dental is a dental clinic in Spearwood and the name says it all. Our dental practice provides complete services to you and your family. Some examples of our dental services include general, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry. We also offer root canal treatments, crowns and bridges, tooth extractions and tooth whitening. Our Spearwood dentists deliver quality care for all of your dental needs.

When you are looking for a dental practice to take care of any need you, or your family members, might have you want to call All In One Dental. We deliver personalized care and treat all of our patients to meet their specific needs and wants. Our team is professional as well as friendly. Many practices claim to be, but if you visit our Facebook page you can read our glowing testimonials from our current patients.  

Our dental technicians have international experience and because of this you receive the best care. We are known for our cutting edge treatments and we keep up with what is new in the dental industry.

We also do everything in house. We can deliver the best prices and most efficient care. Our team also does dentures and prosthetics at our Spearwood dental practice. We can easily make adjustments if they are needed and you will not have to wait long.

We also believe that our patients’ health is the top priority. We do not use Amalgams for tooth fillings. There have been many reports that Amalgams might have health risks associated with their use. We only use composite resin for our patients’ fillings.

Our prosthetic work is beautiful and we are very proud of the results we have achieved. It can be challenging to deliver the exact results a patient wants, but we succeed every time. This is because of our amazing team of international dental professionals. Their skills are at the top of the dental field.

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Dr Hareesh Thippeswamy

Dentist, Male

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Dr Swathi Dasari

Dentist, Female

Dr Prabhijit Jill

Dentist, Male

Dr Jeetash Kumar


Dr Jafli Manar


Dr Vishnu Selvaraj

Dentist, Male

Dr Agiapal Singh

Dentist, Male

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You can find parking in multiple areas around our clinic. Significantly, directly in front of our clinic or around the shopping complex area and even across the road.

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We accept private insurance and you can submit claims before you leave our office. We also accept MediBank, HCF, Peoplecare, Defence Health and Australian Unity. Standard payment methods are also accessible such as Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Cash & Cheques.


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