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Dr Phillip Stein

Cremorne Dentist

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Dr Phillip Stein

Dr Phillip Stein is a male Dentist in Cremorne, NSW.

Dr Stein graduated in 1985 from Sydney University and then spent his first two years working in a nice little practice in Cabramatta. He found this a real cultural experience and even managed to learn a few words in Vietnamese during his time there. 

Phil then felt he had to honour the time honoured tradition of Aussies traipsing over and doing a stint in the UK . Another cultural experience awaited him, working in Luton which had a very large Indian and Pakistani population. Working in an NHS practice taught Phil that it was difficult or impossible to do dentistry well while working on a volume basis as there was simply not enough time to pay attention to the precise detail that good dentistry demands. This experience helped shape Phil's philosophy of trying to be a low volume quality provider. 

He returned to Sydney and commenced at the Big Bear Medical Centre in Neutral Bay after being invited in by one of his patients who owned the centre and felt that Phil would represent his centre well. He spent the next 14 years there before moving to his current location in Cremorne seven years ago. 

Amongst all that, Phil has felt a strong desire to "give back" having done volunteer stints overseas where he worked as a dentist providing treatment to underprivileged children and also at the Sydney Olympic Village in 2000 treating athletes here for the Games. This opportunity afforded Phil the double joy of practicing dentistry while indulging in his love of sports. 

Phil's major interest in dentistry is aesthetics, combined with people who have a bite related facial pain symptoms i.e. headaches, ringing in the ears, dizzy spells etc. To keep abreast of this and to satisfy his insatiable thirst for knowledge he is a regular visitor to the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where he is constantly able to hone and update his skills. 

Outside of the office, Phil loves most sports, especially football and he has coached his son's team for many years. He is also an avid traveler and reader and doesn't mind a good play or movie either. With a wife and three kids that he dotes on, life is certainly busy.