Sydney Root Canal Guide: Procedure, Costs, and Cheapest Suburbs to Get One

Learn about what happens when you get a root canal, and Sydney suburbs that offer the lowest root canal cost

Nagging tooth pain that won't go away? Chances are it's a root canal

Way in the distant past, a diseased or decayed tooth didn’t really stand a chance of not being done away with. Thanks to advancements of root canal therapy, natural teeth can be saved through a procedure that has high rates of success.

Chances are you landed here because you want to know about root canal cost in Sydney and if there’s a way to get it done cost-effectively with a trained Sydney dentist. Well, you’re in the right place! For anyone thinking about root canal treatment, learn about the procedure, treatment method, and some suburbs in Sydney with the most affordable root canal prices.

If you have avoided root canal treatment, thinking that it may be painful, you need to know that root canal is a long-established and safe treatment that dentists and endodontists routinely perform. The procedure helps do away with the painful symptoms that accompany an infected or inflamed pulp.

There are very high chances that you get a natural looking tooth back while avoiding the need for artificial teeth replacements. And a root canal in Sydney might not be as expensive as you’ve thought.


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What are signs and symptoms you may need a root canal?

Some of the signs that you may need a root canal are as follows.

  • Significant (often throbbing) pain while chewing or when applying pressure on the tooth
  • The gum area around the tooth is swollen or tender. There can also be swelling in the facial or neck area
  • The tooth may be cracked or have a hole in it
  • A lesion or abscess in the gum area surrounding the tooth (a bit like a small pimple)
  • If you eat anything hot or cold, you may experience extreme sensitivity or pain in your tooth

If you experience any of these, it’s best to see a qualified dentist in Sydney who can assess the situation better

Some signs that a dentist may notice and suggest a root canal in Sydney

  • Once they perform an x-ray, they may notice an infection which will appear as dark areas located in the tooth roots.
  • As discussed above, root infections can cause pimple or blister-like lesions which an endodontist or dentist will pick up immediately
  • Tooth discoloration is a signed of issues in its nerve space which warrants a root canal in a Sydney dental clinic.
  • A qualified dentist in Sydney may recommend root canal treatment if you have had previous dental work like crowns or fillings that have been lost, and have led to an exposed tooth nerve.

Root canal pain, and how your Sydney dentist can help treat them

Just what is a root canal in terms of anatomy? Each tooth contains a pulp chamber which houses the nerves, pulp and blood vessels. The “pulp” mentioned here extends from the ceiling of the chamber to the base of each canal.

Why does the tooth get infected and why might you need a root canal in Sydney? This can happen for a few reasons:

  • severe tooth decay or degeneration
  • trauma that has caused the tooth to crack or break
  • previous dental restorations like fillings and dental crowns that have failed can cause bacteria to leak into the pulp and cause issues

Once the infection sets in, the tooth pulp begins to die, triggering the body’s response to it in the form of inflammation. Often times, the throbbing and nagging root canal pain you experience is a sign that infection and inflammation have set in and thus root canal treatment in Sydney should not be delayed.

An infection can be dangerous and lead to other health complications, especially if abscess or pus has developed. An urgent evaluation by a qualified dentist is key to a timely assessment to the causation of the problem. Appropriate medical attention can prevent the infection from spreading to the head and neck area, and save you from an unnecessary hospital trip.

What is root canal therapy and how does a dentist in Sydney perform it?

After a full dental evaluation, the treating professional may assess whether a root canal procedure can be done in one or multiple sessions. The actual treatment procedure is the same, irrespective of the sessions it may take in any Sydney dental clinic.

To make it as painless as possible, the dentist will first apply local anaesthetic to numb the area. A small hole is then drilled into the tooth to expose the pulp chamber. Both, a dentist and a specialist endodontist, are trained to undertake a root canal procedure. Endodontic tools like burs, excavators, and files are generally used in the process of removing the dead pulp and treating the decay.

The dentist will also take x-rays to measure the length of the canal and assess the state of cleaning inside, or whether any infection remains. The second session (if needed) is usually a few days later. A qualified and trained dentist in Sydney will usually pick up from where they left off and continue eradicating the pulp from the canal. Again, an x-ray will reveal if nerves of the roots have been removed properly.

At this point in time the dentist will evaluate you for root canal pain. If you are comfortable, they may proceed ahead but any pain generally means resuming a few days later. The final step of root canal therapy in Sydney is to fill and seal the tooth with a rubber like material called “gutta percha”. This staves off bacteria from re-entering the tooth. The dentist will make sure these properly fit into the canals to prevent any complications later on.

The tooth opening will now be permanently filled, and a dental crown placed on top for protection and restoring a natural look. A crown procedure is separate to the root canal therapy in Sydney and may or may not be done on the same day.

How much does a root canal cost in Sydney? Are there any suburbs that are cheaper to get a root canal from?

Root canal cost in Sydney can generally vary due to a few factors.

  • The complexity of the case and how infected it has become.
  • Teeth at the front or back have varying numbers of canals, for eg. molars at the back have more canals. A molar will thus take longer to treat and will, therefore, cost more.
  • A dentist or endodontist can both perform root canals. But an endodontist may have a higher cost of root canal in Sydney due to them being specialists.

The average cost of a root canal in Sydney is $1,225. Visit a dentist in one of the cheapest suburbs to get a root canal*:

  • Surry Hills – $550
  • Baulkham Hills – $800
  • Kirrawee – $800
  • Saint Ives – $850
  • Woodford – $885

*Cost of single canal based on survey of dental clinics in Sydney carried out by HealthEngine

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I book with a Sydney dental clinic for a root canal?

If you experience the root canal symptoms detailed above, chances are that there might be an infection in the pulp that needs professional dental evaluation. It is recommended to book an appointment with a dentist in Sydney who can assess your teeth immediately. They can do an x-ray and see if you need a root canal. The quicker this evaluation is done, the more chances of treating it effectively and relieving your pain.

How long does it take to recover from a root canal?

After the procedure, your tooth pain should be gone. However, it may take a few days till you are able to eat normally. The tooth and surrounding area may be sensitive for a couple of days, and the area may feel funny especially as the anaesthesia wears off in the hours immediately following the treatment, but the infection will be gone.

Does a root canal in Sydney hurt?

One of the common apprehensions about root canal therapy is that it may really hurt. But to date, scores of root canals have been carried out by dentists in Sydney and everywhere else. The success rates are high and the procedure is managed very well, with anaesthesia being applied before it even begins. If you do have dental anxiety, it’s perfectly normal, and you may want to discuss this prior to getting a root canal in Sydney.

When it comes to getting a root canal in Sydney, are there any alternatives?

The alternative to root canals and avoiding the procedure is getting the whole tooth simply extracted. However, any qualified and expert dentist in Sydney will always try to save the tooth as much as possible.

This is also the preferred method because the chances of success in root canal are very high, and the procedure is done daily all over the world. Besides, dentists look at the bigger picture. By saving your natural tooth, there is high likelihood of preventing future dental issues such as teeth shifting position etc.

I’ve had a root canal once. How can I prevent it in the future?

It’s simple, take care of your teeth! Keep them free from decay and plaque through regular brushing and flossing every day, at least twice a day. On the other hand, curtail your consumption of sugary items, especially carbonated soda. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends a dental check up at least once every 6 months. This is a good habit to adopt, considering that it’s easy to book with a dentist in Sydney through HealthEngine.
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