Family Dentist: Why you need one and how it can benefit your family

Having a family dentist to visit for regular dental check ups can promote hygiene and prevent future dental problems.

Holistic dental care for the entire family

Your family dentist knows you, your family and is well aware of your dental history. If you have a family and children, this further becomes more imperative because of various reasons. You are teaching your kids to be careful with preventive dentistry from an early age. Having early family dental clinic visits will catch any potential dental issues early on, hence saving you from pain and the high cost of more serious treatments.

Family dental care is important. When your kids see you taking care of your oral hygiene, they will pick the habit at an early age. Family dentists will be more beneficial for your kid’s dentistry as they are someone who your children are already familiar with. Children will be more open and comfortable in discussing the discomfort that they might be experiencing at quite an early stage.


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Why should you go for a family dentist and how is it different from a general dentist?

A family dentist is a dental practitioner who is capable of treating patients from all age groups: from kids to adults. On the other hand, a general dentist is someone who generally treats dental issues in a specific age group, for eg. older than 16 years.

You can get your teeth cleaned, get fillings, x-rays, examinations and dental checkups done at a family dental clinic. Family dentists will not only help you take care of your oral hygiene and dental emergencies, but they are also aware of your family history and hence can better educate you how to take care of your teeth. Another big plus is that you don’t have to run around the city looking for a specialist for every issue and every age. You can simply take a family trip to your family dentist, and get done with your regular dental checkups in one simple go!

Are all dentists also family dentists?

While choosing a family dentist, you must be mindful that you are not only choosing a professional for yourself, but they will be your children’s dentist as well. Unlike general dentists, a family dental clinic will be well-equipped in addressing challenges your kids might face as well.

Family dentists, at some point, receive proper training in treating dental issues pertaining to all age groups. Hence if you want to take care of your own oral hygiene and your kid’s dentistry, a family dental clinic is your one-stop solution.

Preventive dentistry: your family dentist knows how to do It!

Now that we have elaborately discussed how family dental care, let’s talk about what exactly is a family dentist capable of and what they can assist you with.

Mostly, family dental clinics offer services relating to dental hygiene and preventive dentistry. However, some of them also offer oral surgical treatments like cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and orthodontia.

Regular periodic 6-months dental cleanings and examination

This is the most significant stage in your own dental care and kid’s dentistry. The periodic 6-month dental examination allows your family dentist to stay updated with your condition and prescribe any treatment if needed.

During your regular dental examination, your dentist will:

  • Have an overall insight into your oral health and dental hygiene
  • Check and evaluate if you are at any risk of gum diseases, tooth decay or bone diseases
  • Assess if you are in need of any fillings, tooth replacement or surgical treatment
  • Check any changes in your jaw and bite
  • Deep clean the teeth and getting rid of any stains and discoloration
  • Assess if there exists any need of fluoride
  • Conduct x-rays and perform any diagnostic procedures for any possibility of diseases (if needed)

During your regular examination, your family dentist or hygienist will also ask questions about any medications or drugs you are currently on, and dietary habits. It is very important for you to be honest about every question they ask.

Providing fluoride treatments and dental sealants

This is a significant step in children’s dentist treatments. Fluoride and dental sealants are a way for dentists to combat cavities in children who are most prone to getting a cavity.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps strengthen the teeth and prevents cavities. It promotes healthy tooth enamel and fights the bacteria that can be detrimental for teeth and gum health. Cavities occur when bacteria builds up on teeth and form a thick layer of plaque, which produces acid that can be very damaging for the teeth and gum.

Having an early kids’ dental care regimen will assist in detecting these issues at an early stage. Cavities are permanently damaged areas on teeth when they form a small opening after a long time of neglected dental care. They are quite common among kids. If left untreated, they can lead to severe toothache and in some cases, even tooth loss.

Orthodontic assessment for you and your kids

Most family dental clinics also offer orthodontic assessments. Even if they are not capable of offering all the treatments in-house, they will diagnose the need for it and recommend you to another specialist. The purpose of orthodontic assessment is to timely diagnose ‘’malocclusion’’ – the medical term for ‘bad bite’.

Timely orthodontic assessment will detect any facial irregularities and changes in your jaw. At the age of 7, the child already had several permanent teeth. At this stage, a family dentist can assess and notice any abnormalities that might develop into a point of concern in the longer run.

How can an early orthodontic assessment be beneficial for your child?

The initial evaluation basically lays the foundation of kid’s dentistry and positive family dental care. The dental health practitioner will be able to assess any abnormality in the way teeth are erupting, size, and the possibility for a missing or extra tooth.

This timely observation will allow the dentist to establish if the kid is in need of any early medical help. If these small changes go unnoticed at an early stage, they develop into more concerning issues in the longer run – including issues with speech, bite and misaligned jaw. The concerns regarding thumb sucking or tooth grinding can also be dealt with effectively at this stage.

How can adults benefit from an early orthodontic assessment?

If you are serious about your dental health, your family dentist will be a savior. Once you refer to them, they will start by analysing your dental, orthodontic and medical history. In most cases, multiple orthodontic examinations may be carried out. The point is to assess your aesthetics, smile, jaw, teeth alignment, face proportions and symmetry. 3D scans and x-rays may also be suggested if necessary.

This examination will allow them to sketch a customized treatment plan for you. From your next appointment to the need of fillings, root planing, braces or any possible surgical treatment – along with cost details – everything is included in this plan of action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some kids struggle with settling and cooperating with the dentist. Should they still go and see them?

Yes! Kids might show reluctance while seeing the dentist. But your family dentist and family dental clinic staff will ease them and make them comfortable. They will slowly become familiar with the atmosphere and won’t be showing any resistance when it’s time for cleaning and regular checkups.

How frequently should you and your children see the family dentist?

You should at least visit a family dental clinic once in 6 months. This will not only be very important for your family dental care, but it will prevent plaque and tartar build up, saving you from more costly treatments. To summarise, the more disciplined and organised you are with your dentist visits, the more healthy your mouth will feel.
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