Dental Emergency in Perth, Here's What You Need to Do

What is a dental emergency, and how Perth dentists will help you fix it quickly

Perth has you covered for dental emergencies

Good oral health is of key utility in diagnosing and treating numerous illnesses. One glance into our mouth and a health professional can conveniently decipher what’s going on with the rest of our body. Even some immune disorders are detectable through an oral examination.

As distasteful of a reflection as it might be, a dental emergency in Perth is not something to be ruled out as a possible occurrence. The question at that time would be, “Where do I go from here?” The good news is, Perth has a wide array of emergency services resulting from any injury or mishap, including dental emergencies.

A dental emergency in Perth could require immediate intervention from an emergency dentist. It always helps to be prepared and aware of your options in such an instance. We’re going to go ahead and share what can qualify as a dental emergency and also the most frequently identified culprits behind compromised oral health.


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What is a dental emergency?

The severity and the individual affected are two key factors that determine a remedy for a dental emergency. A chipped tooth might not bother someone but could be a source of immense unrest and unease for someone very particular about their appearance.

However, it is always good to consult a Perth dentist for an evaluation as soon as possible. The pain not being there is not necessarily a reason to avoid a dental appointment. A serious injury to the mouth region or the face are scenarios that would call for urgent and immediate medical attention as well.

The best way to go about what may seem like a dental emergency is to get on the phone with your dentist and explain the situation to them. Their guidance will help you establish whether the situation can be classified an emergency or not. The following are some things to watch out for and let the dentist know if they've been experienced or not.


A situation not to be undermined is bleeding gums, whether mild or severe. People can sustain bleed from being involved in an accident or even from eating certain hard foods. Such instances would call for an immediate visit to an emergency dentist.

Individuals suffering from gingivitis are liable to experience these situations. An emergency dentist in Perth is your go-to person for affected gums and teeth. These symptoms are to be addressed with seriousness and immediacy.

Extreme Pain

Extreme pain in the mouth is mainly a result of cavities. Sharp, stinging pain may shoot up your mouth while consuming some drinks or foods. The manifestation of such a pain tells you that teeth roots may have become exposed and vulnerable to infections.

You should seek emergency dentistry services right away to avoid further complications. If you need to visit a dentist for emergency treatment or any type of dental procedure, there are plenty of Perth emergency dentists to choose from.

Knocked out and displaced teeth

A knocked-out or displaced tooth is reason for an immediate visit to the dentist. Speaking specifically for the former scenario, a Perth emergency dentist will clean the tooth immediately. You definitely need to be in contact with your dentist as soon as possible for this one.

Reattachment of a tooth is possible if it’s still in a good condition, and a dentist can evaluate this. Repositioning is needed when several teeth are displaced.

It is interesting and helpful to note that the majority of dental emergencies come in the evening and require an after hours Perth dentist to have a look at. They’re mostly able to cater to an urgent dental appointment.

Abscessed teeth or gums

Bacteria finding a way to the dental pulp is what results in abscessed gums or teeth. The pulp is where the teeth’s blood vessels and nerve are located. The bacterial infiltration can get to the root and cause pain, bad breath, or inflammation. The abscess that results is visible on the gums’ surface.

Simple antibiotics suffice in some cases to stop an infection from spreading. However, in most cases, a root canal treatment is called for to remove and drain abscesses. If you notice an abscess in your mouth, connect with a Perth dentist without delay.

Wisdom teeth inflammation

Wisdom teeth can erupt at a later stage in life than other teeth. The shifting and crowding of teeth cause can sudden and sharp pain in the mouth. In most cases where there is an impacted wisdom tooth, extractino is recommended as the best option. Head to your local emergency Perth dentist or oral health therapist for further advice on this and if you think you have an impacted or inflammation.

How to prevent dental emergencies through proper oral care

Brushing your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes using fluoride toothpaste twice a day is the way to go. Soft-bristled teeth work better towards removing plaque and debris. It is recommended to replace a brush after three months because bristles can accumulate infection-causing germs.

Flossing regularly is of immense help in getting rid of food particles, plaque, and bacteria. Wrap the floss string tightly between the index and middle finger, and glide it along each tooth in C-shaped movements. The push-pull motion allows you to reach the deep end of your gums and floss out any food particles hidden to the naked eye or where a toothbrush’s bristles cannot reach.

Sugar intake and diet must be monitored closely to prevent dental emergencies

It goes without saying that our dietary preferences also have a direct impact on our oral health. Consuming healthy foods like fruits and vegetables helps towards this. Also, avoid snacking between meals as it helps achieve the same. Acidic foods are among the leading causes of teeth enamel wearing away. This causes the teeth to become unprotected and more vulnerable to bad bacteria and cavities.

Sugary foods and drinks act as a magnet for bad bacteria in the mouth. The presence of high numbers of bad bacteria produces harmful acids that cause cavities and damaged teeth. This is a major reason for an oral health therapist or a Perth emergency dentist to advocate avoiding sugary products. Minimal consumption of sugary foods and drinks drastically enhance your chances of better dental health. Visiting the dentist for regular cleaning and health checks helps to stay on top of oral health.

Other factors that add to diminished oral health are smoking and similar habits. These can compromise the health of our gums and oral health. Being candid with an oral health therapist and one’s dentist about these habits goes a long way towards taking necessary steps ahead of time; prevention is better than cure.

An emergency Perth dentist may inquire about all these if you ever have to rush to one. The more transparently we share our teeth-cleaning habits and other factors with the dental health practitioner, the better remedy and advice we can be sure to achieve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to manage pain?

Some people who experience nagging tooth pain find it beneficial to use a topical pain reliever, or even clove oil, to the gums around a hurting tooth. Over the counter medications or ice to mitigate the swelling can also come in handy. However, please keep it in mind that even containing pain temporarily might help short-term, but seeing a qualified Perth emergency dentist who can treat the cause is the way to solve it for good.
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