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I have been a psychologist for over 30 years and in that time I've helped patients with numerous difficulties.

What can people talk to me about?

* Relationship and marriage difficulties

There can be a lot of reasons why you and your partner are not as happy together as you would like to be. Perhaps you just don't seem to laugh together, or have fun in the way you used to. Perhaps one or both of you are always just too busy to spend time together. Or perhaps the intimate side of your lives isn't working too well.

It could be that you're both dissatisfied with aspects of the relationship, and when you try to talk about it you end up disagreeing and nothing is resolved. Or possibly you feel disrespected, unloved, or not understood, and you pull away and feel sad or angry. There may have been an affair. The decision to seek help can be difficult, but it is an important step forward. You will be treated respectfully and non-judgmentally. Please be assured that these and other problems can be resolved with professional understanding, care and assistance.

* Relationship enrichment

No matter how long you have been together, your relationship can be a loving and happy place to be. Sometimes we lose sight of what is good and strong in our relationships, or we find they have suffered from a bit of unintended neglect. We can forget to add spice and fun and humour to our lives together. This is a good time to get some help to put things back on a high note.

* Trauma, loss and grief

Strong feelings are attached to those difficult and challenging experiences that most of us have to deal with at some stage in life. At these times you can feel cut off from other people and not able to talk openly about your feelings, not even with your closest people. Talking with a professional is confidential, safe, and comforting, and can provide you with information and skills that can help you to cope.

* Sleep problems (insomnia)

Are you having difficulty falling asleep? Or do you wake during the night or early morning and find it takes a long time to get back to sleep? Perhaps once you wake, you don't get back to sleep at all. If these things happen three or more times a week, then it's likely you have insomnia.

Poor sleep makes you feel tired, that's well known, but it also affects your mood, temperament, learning, memory, and your ability to function in daily life.

There are tried and tested techniques to help you improve your sleep, and feel a whole lot better in every way.

I developed the SlumberPro online self-help program for treatment of insomnia, and you can have the same treatment in face to face sessions at Bramley Psychology.

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Rosemary Stone is a female Clinical Psychologist in Auchenflower, QLD.

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