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Dr Brad Smith

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  • Dr Brad Smith
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A healthy spine leads to a healthy nerve system that leads to a healthy body.

Why come to MHCC?

We are the only Gonstead chiropractic clinic north of the river.

We have one of the most highly regarded and qualified Gonstead Chiropractors in the country on staff.

We have the only Gonstead Chiropractor in WA with advanced qualifications in peadiatrics.

We have our own, on site, Gonstead specific, standing digital x-ray machine.

We play super groovy music!

What is Gonstead Chiropractic I hear you ask? Aren’t all chiropractors the same?

Excellent questions!

Gonstead Chiropractic care is chiropractic in its purest form. No acupuncture, taping or rubbing. It is a system of analysis to understand the impact the spine is having on the brain and nerve system and then to correct any issues with this relationship.

You see, it is spinal movement which is the SINGLE BIGGEST influence on the function of the brain and nerve system. Hence, if your spine doesn’t move freely and easily, it has a significant impact on your entire body through the nerve system.

However, Gonstead Chiropractic really differentiates itself from all other chiropractors is in its examination and adjusting process (something which is repeated on every visit).

First, gentlemen will be shirts off, ladies in a gown. Why? So we can SEE you spine, its movement (or lack thereof) and posture. Trying to examine the spine through clothing is like a dentist examining your teeth with your mouth closed.

Next, we use an instrument known as the nervoscope. It acts like a human voltmeter. “Short circuiting” nerves are like electrical wires. One of the first indicators of a problem is heat or inflammation.

Then we palpate. We feel how your spine moves or more importantly, does NOT move. Where it is stuck, jammed or locked in the wrong position.

Then we look at you posture - we look at it sitting, standing, laying down!! We look at it from all angles because your posture is one of the best functional indicators of the health of your spine, brain and nerve system.

Finally, once we have given you a preliminary indication as to what is going on with your spine, we will then walk across the hallway to our state of the art, digital Gonstead x-ray machine. The x-ray will help us to answer two very important questions -

1. How has your spine attempted to compensate or adapt to your respective problem(s)?

2. How is best to go about resolving your respective problem(s)?

So, if this level of detail, specificity and care sounds like something you want, we are here to help.

If you are looking for something which is focused on resolving problems and goes beyond just patching them up or the quick fix, that is what we do.

If you would prefer something else, something with less attention to detail, “just a quick crack”, something which thinks about nothing beyond your immediate pain and “boo-boo”, then we are probably not what you are looking for.

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Dr Scott Campbell-Lloyd

Chiropractor, Male

Dr Brad Smith

Chiropractor, Male

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