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During my last 50 years I have initiated a remarkably diverse range of responses from the spine related nervous systems of tens of thousands of spines of all ages.

My clinical observation has included a vast array of symptoms that were modified coincidental to reducing the negative impact that subluxations had on the spine related nervous system.

Subluxation related symptoms may be as diverse as the spine related nervous system. Extremely few of those symptoms occur with the certain regularity that has allowed them to become evidence based.

Some individual symptoms are so rare that a chiropractor may not see one of them, for example cross-eyes or strabismus that corrected after an adjustment or my own original constant sense of being on the very verge of fainting. No patient of mine has had that.

Syndrome refers to a group of symptoms commonly associated together in one patient. Many such subluxation related syndromes are a one off. Hence, they are never going to become evidence based. Regulations limiting chiropractic to evidence based disorders deprives such patients of chiropractic care.

Hence, it remains a special interest for me to locate and adjust subluxations and observe if the patient’s symptoms are or are not subluxation related.

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Located at 436 Canning Highway, we are on the corner of Prinsep Road in Attadale. There is parking available, accessible via Prinsen Road, and for those using public transport there is a bus stop across the road.

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