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Dr Hayden Ford is a hard-working Chiropractor who is an integral part of our team.

Hayden’s history of chiropractic began over 12 years ago, where he began seeing a chiropractor because his body could not handle the stress of his sport, gymnastics. Due to the physical nature of the sport, Hayden suffered 3 shoulder surgeries, 3 shoulder dislocation and a fracture. It was through discipline and Chiropractic care that Hayden was able to reach heights of a professional gymnast. Hayden reached his highest peak in gymnastics when he competed at national level, international level and in trials for the Commonwealth games.

Hayden has a special passion for postural issues/conditions, chronic pain and rehabilitation due to having 3 shoulder reconstructions himself.

Hayden began his journey in helping others through 5 years of university at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Melbourne where he studied and completed a degree in Chiropractic. Hayden firmly believes in being proactive with health.

Hayden is available for consult in:

Epping on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Mernda on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Epping on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Lilydale on Friday

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Qualifications and Experience


  • Bachelor Chiropractic Science (B. Chiro. Sc.) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT)

Languages spoken

  • English

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