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Shop 119A / Elizabeth Street Liverpool, NSW 2170

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Your Total Health Solution

Welcome to Activ Therapy!


If you’re on this website, then you have unanswered questions about your health.

It might a simple one such as “Why am I in pain?” or something a little more complicated such as “How do I regain my confidence to pick up my grandchildren?”

Have you ever wondered why some people suffer from a “Bad Back” and others don’t?

Each day, our bodies are placed under emotional, chemical and physical stress – that’s perfectly normal. However, accumulated stress can lead to complications and result in pain, weakness and disability.

That’s why your back/shoulder can “go” suddenly, even though you haven’t done anything strenuous at all! (Does that sound familiar to you?)


So what can you do about it?

  1. You could visit your GP just to get some pain-killers and to be told that it’s just “Old Age” and “nothing can be done”
  2. You could Google Search some strategies and guess what might be effective for you
  3. Or the worst thing, “Wait and See” if the pain will go away on its own.


We’ve heard this story many times and it’s always frustrating to hear how their symptoms have stopped them in their tracks.

Some clients had to retire early from their sport that they loved so much, and others even had to quit their job (and put themselves and their families at financial risk!)

Many times we can improve things very quickly with our simple 3-Step approach:

  1. Find the exact cause of your problem using our experienced clinical skills
  2. Restore optimal function of your muscles and joints by using hands-on techniques
  3. Strengthen the affected areas to fix the problem for good.

Finding the right answers for our communities is our passion, and our goal is to provide complete solutions to your health problems.


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Dr Maria Ananakis

Chiropractor, Female
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Dr Mihajlo Danilovic

Chiropractor, Male

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