Rockingham GP After Hours

Cooloongup GP / Medical Centre

Rockingham GP After Hours is a GP in Cooloongup, WA .

No Appointments Currently Published

Rockingham GP After Hours does not currently have any appointments available for booking online. Please call Rockingham GP After Hours for an appointment.

We are no longer located at the Rockingham General Hospital but have relocated to

33 Elanora Drive (just before the hospital).


Rockingham GP After Hours is a GP service provided to the community by the Perth South Coastal Medicare Local.

The Primary aim of the GP Clinic is to support the community by offering a GP service for patients who are unwell or have minor injury and in whom care is necessary prior to the next day.

The service is in no way structured to take the place of patients' own doctors. Patients requiring non-urgent care should see their own doctors.

With the patient's permission all medical records and or test results are faxed to the patients usual GP for continuity of care.

The After Hours Clinic is staffed each shift by a Doctor, Registered Nurse and Receptionist.

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