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Quality Mixed-Billing Medical Centres

Patient care is at the heart of our mission. Our expert staff provides care that is compassionate, personal and respectful of patients and their families. 

We offer both private and bulk billing doctors dedicated to providing you with the best possible medical services. Dr Prabash offers bulk billing to all valid medicare card holders, while Dr Brigitta offers private billing (charging $60 for consultations, excluding children under 16 years of age and concession card holders who can be bulk billed).

Staff at The Family Practice at The Gap

Dr Ganga Arewaththa

Dr Ganga Arewaththa is a GP at The Family Practice at The Gap.

Dr Prabash Gardiyehewa

Dr Prabash Gardiyehewa is a bulk billing GP

Dr Nilmini Gunawardan

Dr Nilmini Gunawardan is a GP at The Family Practice at The Gap.

Bulk Billing Practice

Patients with Medicare cards (usually Australian residents) will have no out-of-pocket costs for standard appointments with Bulk Bill GPs in most cases, as it will be billed directly to Medicare.

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