Dr Andrei Catanchin

Melbourne Cardiologist

Dr Andrei Catanchin is a male Cardiologist in Heidelberg, VIC who speaks English and Romanian.

Andrei Catanchin graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1997. His cardiology training has taken him to Geelong, Brisbane, Perth and London UK where he recently completed his cardiac electrophysiology clinical and research fellowship at St George’s University and Hospital. Whilst Dr Catanchin manages a wide range of general cardiac conditions his primary interest is in the treatment and cure of heart rhythm disorders and includes catheter ablation procedures for atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias as well as implantation and extraction of pacemakers and ICDs. Dr Catanchin is a visiting consultant at Royal Perth Hospital

Dr Andrei Catanchin's interests include Arrhythmia Management and Cardiology